About Rare Norm

Rare Norm covers “hard to find” newsworthy content and assortment of consumer products that are not available on other websites. Our products are distinctive in quality and design and not widely available from other retailers.

Based in Boston and launched in Spring 2013, the online destination focuses on bringing together the vast world of artists, innovators and all other creatives, with an eye on encouraging all to follow their dreams, take chances and consistently advance the causes of creativity and originality. Rare Norm thrives in getting everyone involved to enhance the Internet experience by adding a large variety of items that provide a timeless feel. Items that provide a sentimental value that every time it is seen a memory is triggered. If someone gave you an item from Rare Norm. That means you are special to them just like the content that we allowed to be shared.

Content that brings together the vast nebula of creativity and originality helps the world go around. Showcasing what people around the world have offered creates memories that everyone can share.

“Our First Mission was to save people from bad media, then we realized people needed someone to encourage them to follow their dreams and create a vision for themselves” – Aren

Rare Norm encourages people to be different and follow their own path because it is okay to be different. Rare Norm serves people who look for guidance to positivity. To bring unique content in a world of gossip, fake news and cluttered media, The Rare Norm App provides an all-in-one entertainment experience for both mobile and web platforms which highlights valuable content worldwide. From the beginning, quality products, service, and people became the focus of Rare Norm.

“Although our experience is online base we’ve plan to bring this experience to cities near you.”

Rare Norm Operates through three segments: E-Commerce, News, and Media. It sells and showcases for discerning art, fashion, music, technology and gaming—and the lifestyles of those individuals whose lives are dedicated to the cultural arts. Products revolved around these categories have been searched and gathered from all of our distributors to bring it to our audience all under one roof.

They’ve called us the Hipster Google. But we call us the Rare Norm.

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