Business/Personal Development Course on How to Over Perform in your Career!

Eighty percent of your success will depend on you educating yourself to be successful and marketable because profits are better than wages. In today’s volatile and challenging business environment, entrepreneurs and business owners are not equipped with the tools necessary to face the fluctuating market with their products and services whether they own a brick and mortar shop or operate an online ecommerce business.

This 4 week course which is compiled of 10,000 hours of personal and business development research is for the entrepreneurs who want to invest more in themselves and reach their full potential. This course will prepare you to create a better brand, a better social media presence, and a culture where your strengths bring people together for your common cause. You will return to work better able to build your business to the top and beneficial work relationships by learning how to analyze situations and consciously select and use productive communication strategies.

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Monroe Remy, founder of RareNorm, and Jeremy Colon, founder of JC Enterprises, have partner up to give you a 4 week course to broaden your personal and business development. The 4 week course will only be $150 and will start off with an assessment to test your development thus far before you dive into the material.  The four week course will be broken down to 2 classes a week lasting anywhere between 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours. The requirements for our students are that they must have a computer or laptop to view the courses and also take notes on the material.

Course Overview:

Week One

Day 1: Mental Cleanse Introduction, Video from Jordan Belfort

Day 2: Mental Cleanse Conclusion, Appearance Introduction

Week Two

Day 3: Appearance Conclusion, Intro to Social Media

Day 4: Social Media Conclusion

Week Three

Day 5: Designing for Engagement, Playing on your strengths to get people to do business with you

Day 6: Pitch Project, Building your Personal Brand

Week Four

Day 7: Social Influencers, Test on Material thus far

Day 8: Pitch Project Due Date, Review

Day 9: Presentation either through Skype in person or through Discord and will last only for 1 minute and 30 seconds

 Special Guest Teachers

Motivational speaker & High sales performance coachJordan Belfort” has been making a name for himself lately as the trailer for his 2007 Memoir “The Wolf of Wall Street” spreads all over the web. Martin Scorses & Leonardo Di Caprio team up to create a potential blockbuster based off Jordan Belfort’s wild life.

Ryan Deiss is the co-founder of Idea Incubator LP and CEO of He launched his first web-based business from his college dorm room in 1999, and since that time, he’s founded over 40 different businesses (and partnered in dozens more) in markets such as health and beauty, survival and preparedness, DIY crafts and home improvement, investing and finance, chemical and liquid filter manufacturing, business lending, online skills training and menswear, just to name a few.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and internet personality.In the spring of 2009, my brother AJ and I launched VaynerMedia, a strategic creative agency focusing on social and digital. VaynerMedia has helped Fortune 500 companies like GE, PepsiCo, and Mt Dew execute against their KPI’s, and build their digital brands through micro content and other storytelling techniques. The idea took hold, and what started as a 6-person project 5 years ago has swelled to a 400-strong team spread across the country.