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Tell Us About Your Business

Target Market

How would you describe your ideal customer or client?

Can you group your target market into segments?

Product or Service Offering Details

Please name and describe each of your products or services.

List the same product/service offerings but describe each in single words or short phrases.

Existing Website

Does your business currently have a website?*

Website Goals

What is/should be the primary purpose/goal of your campaign (or website)?

Generate leadsGive informationSell a productProvide membershipBlogProvide downloadable information

What are other secondary goals for your campaign (or website)?

Generate leadsGive informationSell a productProvide membershipBlogProvide downloadable information

Website Content

Who will provide website content?


How often do you expect to add, update, and/or access your website content?
DailyA few times a monthMonthlyRarely

Who will respond to inquiries from your website contact form?


Contact Form Response
Unless otherwise specified, the contact form response that appears after the form is submitted is: "Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly." If you would like different wording, please enter it below.

Website Integration

Will your website collect payments online?

Do you already have an Email Marketing Service?
Examples of Email Marketing Servives are Mail Chimp, Constant Contact. If so, please list.

Social Media
Which social media channels should be included/linked to and from your website?

Social Share
Which social media channels would you like your visitors to be able to connect to in order to share your website content on THEIR timeline?

No SharingFacebookGoogle +TwitterPinterest

Tell Us About Your Competition

Who do you consider to be your top traditional competitors?

Why do your customers do business with you versus your competitors?

Who do you consider to be your top online competitors?

Who do you consider to be authoritative websites within your industry?

What are your top local competitors' website addresses?


Keyword Phrases or How People Find You

What do you believe are the top keywords or phrases potential customers use to find the types of products or services you provide? The words you choose may not be what your clients use. Your keyword ideas will be used as a starting point for our keyword research. Final keyword recommendations will be based on our research of your website content, top competitors, keyword popularity, and competition.

Target Market Location

What are your target cities/towns/counties? We will use up to two. Please include the city where your business is located (or home address if you work out of your home) as the first choice. Optimization of your website will focus on the location of your business even if your office is based out of your home. Google highly favors local ranking signals to determine page optimization. To optimize your website for more than two locations, we suggest creating pages for each specific location.

Project Budget

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