10 Things Jarvis Landry Can't Live Without | GQ

10 Things Jarvis Landry Can’t Live Without | GQ

10 Things Jarvis Landry Can’t Live Without | GQ

Cleveland Browns stand out wide receiver Jarvis Landry runs us through his day to day essentials, from his favorite cologne to the book he always carries with him.

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10 Things Jarvis Landry Can’t Live Without | GQ

Captain Flapjack - last year

That one hair maaaaan

John Cadena - last year

Do Brandon Cooks next 🏹🏹🏹

Hood Honky - last year

Seems more like an advertisement for products. Most likely that's what this is all about.

Kevin Hall - last year


Ryan Elliott - last year

10 things kid cudi cant live without please

S C Vids - last year


Poultry Devon - last year

10 things i cant live without

Michael Mastro - last year

He seems like an all around good dude. Laid back, no ego and modest.

goldenchild2735 - last year

What kind of cologne was that?

ExplicitGames - last year

That one piece of hair that’s down…

Whatever Floats your goat - last year

Do Steph Curry ….plz

Modesta Kitilla - last year

Can u do Odell Beckham jr

Joey Sullivan - last year

Can you do michael thomas please


How he get his hair like that

iGame-_ - last year

blue face plz

Linkz GP - last year

so based on the hair and the earring, Jarvis is basically a poormans Odell?

Infinity 101 - last year

I remember when he was a dolphin so sad he’s a brown

direful - last year

69 things 6ix9ine can't live without

souldy09 - last year


Von Vex - last year

10 thing Ray Rice can’t live with out please! 😂

813 Von - last year


Isaiah Rios - last year

We need 10 things Joyner Lucas can’t live without

Trayvon Pratt - last year


Bailey Evans - last year

Russell Westbrook?

J P - last year

Send Josh a juice chain

Alex Miller - last year

Do Odell Beckham

SKLZ B-BALL - last year

When he played for the dolphins he was #14

SKLZ B-BALL - last year

Now he plays for the Cleveland Browns and is number 80

Flair Films - last year

Juice rocking the teal… miss Jarvis in Miami

Anthony Garcia - last year

Man needs more than 3 fantasy points tho

zemj vdeos - last year

the fact that he sprayed that cologne, hurt me

MijitoFlex - last year

10 Things Lil Pump Can't Live Without
#1 Lean
#2 Molly
#3 Air

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