2 Chainz Checks Out $200K Choppers | Most Expensivest | VICELAND & GQ

2 Chainz Checks Out $200K Choppers | Most Expensivest | VICELAND & GQ

2 Chainz Checks Out $200K Choppers | Most Expensivest | VICELAND & GQ

2 Chainz talks with the father and son founders of New York-based Orange County Choppers about their custom motorcycles that can cost as much as $200,000. Watch more MOST EXPENSIVEST, Wednesdays at 10:30pm on VICELAND.

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2 Chainz Checks Out $200K Choppers | Most Expensivest | VICELAND & GQ

Calvin Dang - 10 months ago

Good lord, that's Mike?! I took him for Paul Jr for a sec and got confused lol. Shout out to American Chopper

BLUECOLLARJOHN - 10 months ago

Ill pass on sitting on that web seat.

Knowledge Wisdom - 9 months ago

Where are the choppers aka weapon's…..

Bailey Davis - 9 months ago

I’ve met Paul senior

New User - 9 months ago

They looking like 2 crack heads smh

Hexa - 9 months ago

Thought he was gonna look at AKs

Tiffany Zette - 9 months ago

Looks like a son is not a good business guy. You gotta know your products or great customers will go away.

SpAcED_ OuT - 9 months ago

The real quest is did he buy it tho

HardHitter - 9 months ago

Grinder and paint make me the welder i ain't!

crazzyjay21 - 9 months ago

.O.M.GGG 2 CHAN'S 😄😃😄😃😄

Shadowclaws king - 9 months ago

Im inlove with those bikes

rasheem mosley - 8 months ago


Evron grant - 8 months ago

I was wondering why this man kept saying sure😂😂😂

royallife 33 - 8 months ago


Rare Animal - 8 months ago

OCC yuk!

*Reversal Queen* - 8 months ago

The end was so funny

TragiicGoBrazy - 8 months ago

Ar-15 school shooter gun

Angel Villalpando - 8 months ago

"Thats a down payment"😂

Ian Crawford - 7 months ago

When I heard chopper I thought they meant a fully automatic assault rifle.

Cartel Jr - 7 months ago

Humvee chopper is badass 👌

Branch Blunt - 7 months ago

This guy is the definition of badass

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