2015 AMA Music Awards Top Ten Carpet Arrivals

The 2015 AMA Music Awards had some very stylish superstars show up on the Red Carpet so we decided to show our own Top Ten. This is a look into our readers votes for the top ten carpet arrivals from the 2015 AMA’s :

1. SELENA GOMEZ  contest-clipart-3491974-trophyrs_634x1024-151122154017-634.SelenaGomez-AMA-jmd-112215Selena-Gomez-Same-Old-Love-at-the-AMAs-1448243323

2nd and 3rd. KENDELL and KYLIE 2trophyrs_634x1024-151122165541-634.KendallKylie-AMA-jmd-112215

3. ZENDAYA str-03rs_634x1024-151122154636-634.zendaya.cm.112215

4. CIARArs_634x1024-151122161622-634.Ciara-AMA-jmd-112215

 5. NINA DOBREVrs_634x1024-151122165416-634.nina-dobrev.cm.112215 

6. GIGI HADIDrs_634x1024-151122161036-634.gigi-hadid.cm.112215 (1) 

7. TYGArs_634x1024-151122171245-634.tyga.cm.112215

8.NICK JONASrs_634x1024-151122164451-634.NickJonas-AMA-jmd-112215Nick-jJonas-1448247143

9.WIZ KHALIFArs_634x1024-151122165017-634.WizKhalifa-AMA-jmd-112215

10.JULIANNE HOUGHrs_634x1024-151122164125-634.Julianne_Hough-AMA-jmd-112215

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