8 Reasons to Watch TV’s “Psych”

8 Reasons to Watch TV’s “Psych”


You should definitely sit down, and make some time to watch this cult-classic, comedy-crime-solving show: “Psych”.
Now off-air, USA network’s “Psych” introduces us to Shawn Spencer and Burton “Gus” Guster: a pretend psychic and his partner solving crimes with the Santa Barbara, (California) Police Department.


Shawn (pictured left,) is a brilliant idiot: emotionally damaged, with a heavy dose of irrational narcissism similar to Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory,” and “Adrian Monk,” in “Monk,” minus the social awkwardness and germaphobia. Gus (pictured right, ) is also highly intelligent, but comically neurotic.

Shawn Spencer is 30-years-old. He has not accomplished any of the things that 30-year-olds are supposed to have accomplished, but he is doing just fine.

Spencer did not go to college, does not have a career and he has been fired from nearly every job.  He lives in a vacant dry cleaner shop, because he got a discount on the rent.  He has giant mechanical-closet.

Shawn has no shame about the fact that he does not know how many states are in the U.S., what day of the week it is, and that watching “Muscle Mania!” on WWE is the biggest item on his to-do list. He makes it seem okay, and even preferable, to not “have it all together.” It aired on USA network from 2006 to 2014, and all seven seasons are on Netflix.

Spencer has a photographic memory with total recall, and is totally intuitive and observant.

Spencer’s father, Henry, now a retired detective, recognized Shawn’s gift and trained him to solve mysteries from an early age.

EasterEggsWe like to watch remarkably intelligent people at work, like that sad, skinny, blonde guy, (also named Spencer) from the show “Criminal Minds,” who almost makes that insanely, dark show watchable.

Gus is “Watson” to Spencer’s “Sherlock.”

When the Santa Barbara PD enlists Spencer to solve crimes with them, Spencer calls up his childhood friend, Burton “Gus” Guster. Gus went to college and has a “real” job. Spencer convinces Gus to solve crimes with him on the side. Gus gets queasy at crime scenes and cries when he sees other people cry.

“You know I’m a sympathetic cryer, Shawn!” Gus reminds Shawn, who gets uncomfortable around any show of emotion.

Psych-Shawn needs GusPsych-Shawn Needs Gus 2

Shawn pretends to be a psychic who receives visions from “the spirits”, and Gus translates the visions. Ridiculousness ensues.

Shawn: …the spirits can be… bashful. Sometimes grumpy. Sleepy. Dopey.
Gus: Shawn.
Shawn: Sneezy.
Gus: Shawn!
Shawn: What I’m saying is, they won’t talk to me unless no one’s in the room except myself and my compatriot.
Gus: That’s me.

”I’ve heard it both ways.”

RidiculousSpencer might have a photographic memory, but his knowledge-data-base is pretty much limited to 80’s pop-culture references. The important thing is, he does not let factual-correctness stand in his way.

Shawn: Gus, don’t be Harry Potter                         and the Prisoner of Marzipan.
Gus: It’s Azkaban.
Shawn: I’ve heard it both ways.
Gus: No, you haven’t.

Quite simply, the Spencers know how to treat a lady.

Shawn’s dad, Henry Spencer, taught Shawn to treat women like royalty.
“First treat a woman like a person, then a princess, then a Greek goddess, then a person again,” Shawn repeats back to his dad.

Shawn and Gus got a “stay of execution” for a polar bear.

When an escaped polar bear was suspected of killing his trainer, officials ordered the zoo to put the bear down.  First Shawn found the bear and hid him from the authorities. Then, Shawn and Gus found the real killer and saved the bear.

Polar Bear

Die-hard fans call themselves “Psych-O’s.”

People are straight-crazy about this show.


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