A$AP Rocky Answers Questions from André 3000, Raf Simons, Mahershala Ali, and More | GQ Style

A$AP Rocky Answers Questions from André 3000, Raf Simons, Mahershala Ali, and More | GQ Style

A$AP Rocky Answers Questions from André 3000, Raf Simons, Mahershala Ali, and More | GQ Style

Go backstage with A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mob in GQ Style’s cover video. Rocky answers questions from Raf Simons, André 3000, Mahershala Ali, Kris Van Assche, and Shameik Moore.

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A$AP Rocky Answers Questions from André 3000, Raf Simons, Mahershala Ali, and More | GQ Style

070 Phong - 9 months ago

I found the the instrumentals: Driving In The Dark – Andreas Jamsheree

Rita Marie - 9 months ago

I need to get my baby a grinder

TheNaaproductions - 9 months ago

3:47 OG Beeper

PAZ -Z - 9 months ago

Too lit at the end 😄

Boothang Jaebum - 9 months ago

Wow. We need more people like Asap.

Be the Jjang Jjang To My Boong Boong - 9 months ago

that guy at the back getting his lines in and such.

Be the Jjang Jjang To My Boong Boong - 9 months ago

Did anyone else laugh when the interviewer asked ‘What piece of furniture would he make first, a lamp?’ (Granted he may or may not have tried to purposely be sarcastic) and ASAP corrected him real quick!

ANTONIS POZIADIS - 9 months ago

my name is rero

Nicji Princess - 9 months ago


83Jude - 9 months ago

I dislike when he wears grills. He's teeth-goals!

James Adams - 9 months ago

Omg lit!

DxmHb 21 - 9 months ago

idk anyone who busts a freestyle to a fire alarm! that was lit!

Justins CupcakeSprinkles - 9 months ago

song at 3:00 min?????

Guido Guido - 8 months ago

I love how Rocky talks about furniture.

DarkVisionnn - 8 months ago

They smoking mad weed!

Reinhold Seiber - 8 months ago

Why is there the weird noise neat to end of the film

ThatNinjaEBAY - 8 months ago

They had to kick him out the building cuz he was spittin too much fire 🔥🔥🔥😂

Matthew Fedoseev - 8 months ago

3:45 OG Beeper foreshadowing

Yourlegaladdiction - 8 months ago

I love A$AP

Bennet m - 8 months ago

My whole life I just wanted to be a rapper

Then I grew'd and the boy became a rapper

AKONTHEBEAT - 8 months ago

Based god is the ultimate underground legend

Ashanti Lloyd - 8 months ago

Lmaoooooooo his voice

Bob Jackson - 8 months ago

Pleaz don’t touch my RAF!!!

kakafan77 - 8 months ago

Adidas track pants in hot pink? How?! Where can I find a pair?!

Die Käptns - 8 months ago

3:45 OG beeper

Edward Ramales - 8 months ago

3:46 “My whole life I just wanted to be a rapper” 😟

Omarr Koroma - 8 months ago

New york city

Andreas M - 8 months ago

the least u could have did was get him a Halls before the interview or somethin.. sounds like hes battling throat cancer

Mew - 8 months ago

Asap Rocky on the Rocks

Sawyer Strain - 8 months ago

its lit

nana sam - 7 months ago

What's up with his voice?

ron p - 7 months ago

Intro song

tennisace - 7 months ago

Try to have a conversation without cursing, idiot. Use your words

Boba Fett - 7 months ago

What shoes is rocky wearing?

aron abraha - 7 months ago

Shameik Moore looks 100% like Rocky

Holly Cline - 7 months ago

He has asthma that's what I sound like haha!!!!!
Like that canary yellow diamond on his left hand

Jamila Teixiera - 7 months ago

I know he only said it once in this interview, but every time Flacko says “I’ma come clean” in general, it adds ten years to my life.

kk - 7 months ago


Kavi Gounder - 7 months ago

3:45 he says "my whole life I just wanna be a rapper" same way he said it in OG Beeper off of TESTING.

ALPHA_Kappa - 7 months ago

What tshirt is he wearing?

The9901234 - 7 months ago

Is he rollin' a joint ? Is that THC or is that acid ?

Navy Blue - 7 months ago

Respect to ASAP for knowing what he wants.

Cameron Hemery-Reynolds - 7 months ago

Hi asap rocky

Lalu - 7 months ago

What was the music starting at 3:01 ?

Karl Öqvist - 7 months ago

Does anyone know the song that plays inbetween cuts???

Edgar Tapia - 7 months ago

what track pants are those? 🔥🔥

Tanae Troupe - 6 months ago

such a raw interview

Isaac Kay - 6 months ago


T Yota - 6 months ago


-roses-are-rosie -blink - 6 months ago

can someone pls tell me how old is he?

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