Adult-Godzilla Iguana shows up in search of food

A group of scuba divers off the coast of Isabela at the Galapagos Islands had quite the surprise as an adult-sized Iguana swam by them in search of food. Photographer Steve Winkworth captured the surprising creature as it swam near them when the diving team was swimming off the dive site Cabo Marshall at Isabela. In the footage, Steve captures the reptile as it searches around for food and then takes off to the surface to breathe.

The Iguana is known as the Marine Iguana and it brings its limbs near its body to swim. It propels its tail back and forth like a fish for momentum underwater and is known to dive up to nine meters deep to satiate its vegan diet.

Marine-Iguanas (1)

Vegetarian or not, it seems appropriate that the scuba divers were shocked to see this ginormous lizard swim by. One doesn’t usually see a Marine Iguana move past you quickly underwater, even at the Galapagos Islands. It makes sense that they would later post the video on Reddit with the aptly-named title “Tiny Godzilla nomming on things underwater”. One is left to wonder what the Marine Iguana thought seeing a bunch of Humans swimming around staring at it.


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