Amen – Shots Artist Spotlight Vol. 187 #Amen #Shots

Why did you make this song?

Honestly, because I was tired of making slow vibey songs about the next man doing me wrong and at that time I got a lot of that feedback. Which made me think like “okay how can I broaden my sound?” I can freestyle in my own space all day but writing a song that made me stretch out my notes on certain parts or made me switch different tones, create a mood, a certain feel with the words was something I wasn’t used to doing..

Shots is literally a build-up to how i feel off of a few drinks. The first thing people wanna do is spill their heart out to an old somebody – call them up, text them, whatever the alcohol does to you at the moment. You know you’ve double thought about texting someone you shouldn’t. I remember a guy told me that my eyes are dangerous and laughed to myself like “when was I even looking at you?” Which is why in the song i added “might have caught my eye but don’t think twice, cause I’m lit” like sir just relax I could be looking at or past you, Idk right now at this very moment cause I’m LIT I’m drunk I’ve had a few

What do you want to achieve in your music career?

Giving Back. I just want to use my platform right. I want to inspire young girls, women that claiming who you are, understanding yourself, getting to know you is and can be a powerful life-changing thing. I want young women to understand that early on so that they aren’t learning that into adulthood like most of my generation had to. I want to achieve all that through my music and doing everything I said I would do.

When did you start loving music and what are you creating next?

When toys, kid activities didn’t catch my attention like anymore which was at a young age. My parents were into everything played all kinds of music all the time, my parents would play music when they did almost anything, that’s how we bounded and almost communicated I feel like. This made me take interest in poetry and creative writing, I made sure my parents kept me in any choir or music activity I could get into. I completely suffocated myself in music so much that became how I communicated, especially feelings, reasons why my earliest singles were about someone who broke my heart or someone not understanding my worth. I am moving out of that chapter onto more uplifting, but still honest as hell songs. Writing songs that are even more relatable but just moving on from love to other real-life situations. My next tape after REAL will be fun, spunky and bossy, I’m tapping more into writing constructing songs so my whole approach will be different. It definitely will show stages of growth!

Describe your sound.

The sound I feel is a combination of smooth and raspy, it’s like drinking hot tea outside with a cool breeze. Somehow through all that breeze, aka raspiness you find comfort/warmth feel. I like switching from smooth tones to a more raspy tone, that’s just how I’ve always sung, its hard controlling raspiness and I try to use it as my secret weapon.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

I enjoy freedom, being a musician is very freeing and for me, it’s healing. I got through a lot of bull from just being able to write it out, sing it out, leave it on the track if you will. That for me is how I moved on and grew from situations I thought I would never break free from. The lifestyle is freeing, I remember working on these songs till the crack of dawn, off straight Yerba Matte’s like it was religious every day I would go to school and then get off come to the studio and just get lost in the music to the point where we would leave till the next day or days later. It just was that important.

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