Anticipated Fight of 2016

One of the most anticipated boxing fight of 2016 that fans are hoping to see is a match between Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady GGG Golovkin. These 2 middleweights have unbelievable punching power, technique, and determination. As of right now they are one of the most well known boxers around the world. This could be one of the biggest fights in middleweight history, as both boxers are in there prime and just destroying their opponents.

Canelo punch

Canelo recently defeated hall fame boxer Miguel Cotto and has been on a role since he turned pro at the age of 15. His only lost had come to the now retired Floyd Mayweather Jr, but he has dominated all his opponents in spectacular fashion. Alvarez has established himself as the best Mexican boxer as of right now and is destined to follow into the footsteps of great Mexican fighters, such as Oscar De La Hoya, Julio Cesar Sr, Marco Antonio Barerra, and many more. At only 25 years of age Alvarez already has 48 fights under his impressive record and a fight and victory over Golovkin would elevate his career tremendously.


The Kazakhstan knockout artist Gennady Golovkin has the greatest knockout ratio in boxing history with an impressive undefeated record of 34 wins and 31 of those wins have been from knockout. Most fights never go the distance with Golovkin, because of his vicious power and punch accuracy his opponents eventually breakdown. Coming off another victory by defeating Canadian boxer David Lemeiux, the only opponent left and fans are demanding is a bout with Canelo Alvarez. Golovkin is still being questioned by boxing critics if he is the real deal as he has not faced a high profile fighter. Part of the reason is some of the fighters refuse to fight Golovkin, because of his knockout power and understand how skillful he is. Yet it does not matter to him as he does not fear any opponents and always tells the public that he is here to fight and want to give the people what they want.

It is just a matter of time before these 2 fighters square off and show the world would who the best middleweight is. This could be the biggest fight of 2016 and anybody who is fan of boxing would be in for a good fight.

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