Aries – I Can Fuck With That Artist Spotlight Vol. 182 #Aries #Musicismylife

Why did you make this song?

I wanted to make a song that people can find a connection with and move to. The concept of Love is such a powerful motive. “It’s consequential to me to ensure that people truly experience each song and so, using my real-life situations with love in this song made it easy to express what I wanted to say and hopefully build that connection.

What do you want to achieve in your music career?

The one thing I want to achieve is actually being able to connect with all my listeners. If you’re going through a situation and one of my tracks motivate you to take control or give you the answers you’ve been seeking, then I’m satisfied. There’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing I was actually connected to this real-life problem and my music helped mold the reality of the situation in a positive way.

When did you start loving music and what are you creating next?

My love for music was embedded in my DNA at birth. I grew up in a family that appreciated music and dance and nurtured my talents at the age of 2. My parents owned an Afro-Haitian Dance Company which I was born into and music played a heavy roll in it. Music is my life and I’m excited to currently be working on my EP where I get to dive deeper into my story and build a stronger connection with my listeners.

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