“Art isn’t Perfect” Javier Christiansen

Art is a form communicating in which it allows humans to feel emotion and ponder about the past and give a sense of hope for the future.  Here at Rarenorm we had the pleasure to discover a young talented artist living in Germany named Javier Christiansen, Javier specializes in drawing well detailed portraits of music artist, actors/actresses, and friends. At 21 years old, Javier has been able to captivate audiences by demonstrating an aspect of fine art that many can admire. The beauty of Javier’s work is the representation of his soul and outlook on life, hopefully his work can distract people away from the ongoing issues and captivate them to a place of positive vibes. Read what this promising young artist had to say.

Who are you?

 My name’s Javier Christiansen, I’m 21 years old, born in Venezuela and currently living in Germany. 

 How did you get into drawing these well-detailed portraits?

 As a kid, my Mom used to record the newest episodes of Dragon Ball Z on VHS and when I was amazed at some of the scenes, I used to pause at my favorite moments and tried drawing them. Since then, I always drew something that motivated me, it could be a musician, an actor/actress, my family or girlfriend. First I started with Manga figures and with time I practiced shading and more realistic features of faces and so on, and every time I always try to outdo myself. I don’t want to stop becoming a better artist.


 When people see your work, is there some sort of message or an impression you want them to have?

 I want them to notice the hard­ work and time that I put into a piece of paper. I want them to know that art isn’t perfect, but the artist always tries the best to get the most out of a piece.

 How long does it usually take to finish a drawing?

 It depends, sometimes I’m quick and want to make a little “sketch” I only need 2 hours, but there are times when I try to outdo myself, I usually spend more than 10 hours on a single drawing. Sometimes up to 15 hours.


 Do you have a favorite piece that you’re most proud of? And why?

 I got like 3, those would be Vince Staples, Travis Scott and my latest one, Chance the Rapper. Those would be the drawings where I spend the most time on them, and they are kind of special to me, because the longer I sit on a piece, the more important they become. Those are also the drawings where I have reached a shading and realistic touch that I have never done before.


 Do you have any advice for other artist out there?

Never quit! Sometimes your work doesn’t turn out to be what you expected, but everything needs practice and time, just keep doing what you do best and with time, you will see results.



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