Augmented Reality Game Night Terrors Is Making Horror Fans Scream !

As augmented reality begins to sweep the app market, many consumers will be seeing all sorts of crafty and fun games being made by various gaming companies!

Recently we have taken notice to a game called Night Terrors.


This game is fueled by your fear , It’s a game for smartphone users only and instead of catching pokemon, you get to avoid monsters chasing you in your own home! Which should be extremely thrilling for fans of fear and for people just looking to test out the game.

Creators have said that the game can scan and map out your home and use that information to plan scares and events throughout your gaming experience. The game can also manipulate your phone, sending scary messages and phone calls.

If you are equipped with your apple watch, it will be able to read your heartbeat and the lower it is the more intense it will make the situations.

Night terrors are looking to release this Halloween with a successful crowdfunded campaign !

To help them fund such an amazing game click here :


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