Belis ✩ Is A Star In The Making! Artist Spotlight Vol. 146

Rarenorm Thoughts✩:

✩ Her high pitch, angelic baby voice is to die for. Its something of a new class and new is extremely RARE right now. The beats hand-picked by Belis are spot-on matches with her sound. I’ve never seen such a complete artist package in a long time. But Belisgo has it all. Hopefully, if you see this, the Rarenorm Team would like to let you know that its a matter of time.

I first listened to lemonade three days ago after receiving a submission from an anonymous source. I played it about three times and knew that this girl had something special to off the industry. Since then I have had all her tracks on repeat. ✩

See you in the Big leagues and contact us for an Interview if you ever come around Boston! ✩


Belis (born November 4, 1999) is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Charlotte, NC. Her career in music is a mere two years old but she’s already found success.✩

✩ All of her songs to date have over at least 30,000 listens, the most popular song, Lemonade, boasting over 175,000.

Belis’ dreamy vocals and poppy flows have earned her over 500,000 combined SoundCloud listens, as well as a spot on the Neilaworld collective’s roster. ✩


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get ur bands up. winter is coming

— BELISGO 🛍 @neilaworld (@belisgo) September 26, 2019

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bitch i’m belis not belis who are you

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