Canal – From the Jump Artist Spotlight Vol. 173 #Canal #Music

Rarenorm: “Why did you make this song? What do you want to achieve in your music career? When did you start loving music and what are you creating next?”

But I made this song just off a fun mood; I was feeling energetic and I just wanted to make a fun song people could turn up to before going to a party or just hanging with some friends/good people to have a good time.

As far as the message goes its all about who I’ve been from the start before anybody gave importance to certain trends, popularity, and materialistic objects; never forget who you’ve been basically.

I want to achieve influence; if I can influence the youth or anybody with my music then I would consider that an achievement. What’s next for me is more music; I have this idea where I want to top the single I just did with the next so that means I’m already crafting my next song to be better than this song.

I will probably be releasing my next single in the next month or two. I will link my socials and video for the song down below.

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