Cosmic Encounters Nursery is a place where fantasy baby dolls are born! | Rare Norm

Cosmic Encounters Nursery is a place where fantasy baby dolls are born!

Cosmic Encounters Nursery is a place where fantasy baby dolls are born!


This nursery has Aliens, Crystal Babies, Angels, Cosmic Divine, OOAK Hand-sculpted art dolls, movie/ film/ t.v./ comic book characters, dragons, fairies, mermaids, werewolves, regular human reborn babies, and more. Cosmic Encounters is an alternative reborn doll nursery with an emphasis on fantasy babies.

Here you can find your very own unique baby to adopt on the “Available” page, or order a custom order baby when available, and see many of the little babies that have already been adopted on the “Zita Babies” page.

All of the babies from Cosmic Encounters Nursery are created with Love and sent home with positive energetic vibrations and healing intentions.

I am a reborn artist, Reiki Master, & Crystal Healer that enjoys making unique dolls. Have fun exploring this site to see some of my unique creations!

Cosmic Encounters Nursery is run by reborn artist Azita Gonzalez.

15232252_2184868661738461_5639534875071942973_n 15181409_2184155608476433_5224696348532891952_n 15138366_2174753562749971_2829712089981757644_oFrequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the dolls for? What is the purpose of the dolls? – The majority of the dolls are for doll collectors. They are not really intended for play, but are viewed as art. Most are intended to be able to be held and are weighted to feel like a real baby which can have a therapeutic effect as a natural nurturing response can take place. Some dolls can be made more child friendly, typically smaller dolls with less weighting and without any sculptural adjustments, and made with more handling in mind. These would be considered more like “play dolls” and can be made with less detail for a less expensive baby doll for a younger collector.
  • How much do your dolls cost? – Please visit the Prices page to get a general idea of prices. Readily available dolls are sometimes less in price and can be found on the “Available” page. In general, cost is dependent on size, complexity, material costs, and time spent creating the doll.  When it comes to eBay auctions, it all depends on the bidders.
  • Do you take payment plans? For pre-made dolls that are available: I will accept payments with an initial non-refundable $50 deposit to reserve the doll and payments not exceeding 2 months time to pay off the balance. For custom orders: I will accept half up front and half upon completion, OR if there is a waiting list, you can secure your custom order start date with a deposit, then make regular payments starting before and continuing during the creation time of your order. For example, schedule for a start date several months away and start making payments right away and be paid off by the time the order is started or completed. Otherwise, for faster turn around time, dolls should be paid in full or half up front, and the rest as agreed upon.
  • Do you do silicone dolls? – No. I am not doing silicone dolls at this time.
  • Do you take credit cards? – Yes. Credit and debit cards can be accepted through PayPal. Send me an email if you need help figuring out how to pay.
  • Will you copy a doll that someone else did? – No. I will not make a replica of someone else’s doll. If it is a kit that you like, then the same kit can be used, but there will be differences in the end result, purposefully.
  • Will you re-make a doll that you have done before? – Not completely.  I value uniqueness, so no two dolls are made alike. I can make dolls that are very similar to ones I have done before, but I will change something on it to make it unique.
  • Will you make a _______? -Most likely… I will make weird creatures, monsters, aliens of all sorts, characters from movies, humans, deities from around the world including ones with multiple arms, fantasy babies of all sorts, paranormal beings, crystal enhanced babies, etc. I will do creepy, but I don’t typically do gore on babies. (There are some limitations, however, as far as sculpts are concerned.) If you are unsure, please ask me.
  • Do you do normal human babies? -Yes. I do:-) (See some examples on my “Zita Babies” page and “Gallery” page.)
  • Do you do ethnic babies? – I will create a baby of any ethnicity you desire. As I mostly create fantasy babies, I have not done as many humans; however, I have come to know how to work with color very well and I have made babies of every color of the rainbow:-)
  • Can you make a baby to look like a photo of a real baby? -I can try my best. I can look for a doll kit that resembles the baby in appearance and paint it to look like the baby. I can also make small sculptural adjustments if desired.
  • Can you do a memorial for a miscarriage or stillborn baby? – I would be honored to create a baby to help in the healing process. Smaller sized babies can be made to symbolize a miscarriage or smaller sized infant. I can also make small sculptural adjustments, if desired, to make the infant more realistic.
  • Will you make a doll with a genetic condition or physical anomaly? – I am sometimes asked if I can make a doll that represents a special needs child or a child that has a genetic condition or distinct physical differences and the answer is yes. I would be honored to represent the diversity of humanity in whatever shape, form, or color that may be.
  • Will you do doll repairs? -Not unless it is one that I have created. I do not do re-paints or re-rooting on other artists’ work. Some of the babies that I make are fragile due to clay sculpting and if it gets damaged, I will be happy to work on it to repair it for you so long as it is still salvageable.
  • Where are you located? -I am located in the U.S.A. (Texas).
  • Do you ship internationally? -Yes. I use Priority Mail International for any packages that go outside of the United States. Most newborn size babies will cost $75 to ship internationally. Smaller ones may be less, larger ones may be more. Please be aware that some countries (such as the UK) will charge you fees for receiving international items.
  • How much is shipping in the United States? -For shipping within continental U.S., most newborn sized babies will cost $24 to ship (includes insurance and tracking). Mini babies will be less (around $10), toddlers will be more (around $35 depending on size). Some dolls that have large wings or tails may be more due to needing a larger box size (around $30).
  • How do I order a custom doll?* -To place a custom order, you can either choose from links on the “Available” page to pay in full for a specific kind of doll (when I’m taking custom orders, I will have some choices on that page at the bottom), or you can send in a custom order request form found on the “custom orders” page telling me what it is that you are wanting to order. Half of the cost of the custom order is due at the beginning before materials will be purchased to start your order, which gets applied toward the overall cost. If you change your mind once materials have been purchased, you do not get the money back. *NOTE: Custom orders are not started until a deposit or payment has been received for materials and the materials have arrived.
  • Will you ship out a doll before it is completely paid for? – No. As like any other purchase, dolls do not get shipped out until fully paid for.
  • Will I see work in progress photos of my custom order? – Yes. I can email you photos so that you can see how your order is coming along. I can also do a work in progress video for you, if requested, so that you can see it from multiple angles.
  • What materials go into making a reborn doll? – Reborn dolls and/or art dolls require multiple specialty materials to create, the cost of which adds up quickly, and they take a lot of time to create as well. Each layer is hand painted and is baked on one at a time. The doll kits used are an art form from sculptors and can be quite costly just for blank pieces of vinyl. Some of the materials involved include: vinyl doll kit (which can generally range from $40 to $200), cloth body (which can range from $10 to $30), poly-fil stuffing, glass beads for weighting (average about $3 per pound), nylon hosiery to hold the weighting material, scenting materials, sometimes specialty clay and sculpting materials for sculptural adjustments or hand-sculpted babies, strong magnets for pacifiers, mohair (which can also be quite costly averaging $40 for just one ounce of hair), eyes (can range from $10 to more than $50 with an average of about $20), specialty paints and varnish, paint thinner, specialty glues and sealers, and because nobody would want a naked baby in a box: blanket and baby clothing… (This doesn’t even include all of the tools used in painting and rooting such as multiple paintbrushes, multiple sponges, lots of cotton rounds, cotton swabs, rooting needles, etc) In addition to materials, it takes a lot of time to make a reborn baby or art doll. A reborn doll or art doll is a work of art that has a lot of energy, heart, and soul poured in.

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