Demmy Ft. George Makridis Artist Spotlight Vol. 12 #IndieArtist

Why did you make this song?

I personally have been pursuing music as more than a passion for about 8 months. My cousin (Alex) has a label (Bands By Noon) based out of Dayton, Oh. I am independent out of Columbus, Oh. Alex sent me a song by one of his artist’s, Demmy, and Alex mentioned they liked the song overall, but they wanted to see what kind of hook I could come up with to help get the song “over the hump” and really make it catchy. After a few hours I sent him back my sample, they loved it. The rest, as they say, is history, we re-recorded all the vocals for the song, I re-mixed everything, and here we are.

What do you want to achieve in your music career? / When did you start loving music and what are you creating next?

Demmy has been performing for quite some time, opening for some very prominent artists, the biggest one I know as of writing this is Wiz Khalifa. I personally have yet to even perform a live show. I worked in construction for about 3 years, and then operated independently for a few years working as a contractor, but dabbled with music in any free time that I had. I am uncertain of what Demmy is working on next, he has released a few songs in the last 3 months, the most recent being “All Strikes No Split”.

As for myself, I am releasing a single called “I Want More” that has been picked up by RKJ Music. We have yet to agree on the terms of the release, but if agreed would be released between this coming November-January.

Demmy = Insta @demmykash32 | Spotify = Demmy K
George = Insta – @georgemakridis| Spotify = George Makridis

Welcome to Rare Norm
Welcome to Rare Norm