ETHAN – 10/31 Artist Spotlight Vol. 162 #Ethan #Music

Why did I Make this song?

I made ’10/31′ because I wanted to make a fun song that people would like and since Halloween was coming around so I made it Halloween themed.

What do I want to achieve in my music career?

I want to make music with famous people and I also want to go on tours and perform in huge concerts.

When did I start loving music and what am I creating next?

I started loving music when I was 2 years old and the TV was showing a lot of Michael Jackson’s music videos. I fell in love with the way he would sing and dance. I later found out they were playing his music because he had died I was inspired by MJ. As for whats next, I’m always recording but I’m not sure what comes out next, also with me starting middle school I just need to get myself in order then I may do another music video.

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