Hilarious Viral Meme Taking Over the Web [Original Video]

Hilarious Viral Meme Taking Over the Web

This hilarious Viral Meme Taking Over the Web has been taking the web.The meme that has recently gone viral is an excerpt from Hood documentary. The documentary was never produced for the mainstream television viewers but it was focused on the online audience. The online documentary tends to expose the lives of R.S, who is a young black man trying to survive in the hood. The documentary follows his trials and setbacks as he tries to be the most effective and upstanding citizen as opposed to following the common narrative of young people born and raised in the hood. The main character is somewhat dysfunctional in that he seems to move against the grain of the moral tenets expected in the society. While being interviewed by the producer, he shouts to passersby reminding them to mind their own business.

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Hilarious Viral Meme Taking Over the Web  | Rare Norm

Hilarious Viral Meme Taking Over the Web | Rare Norm

However, his will to become better in the society seems to be more resilient and tenacious than his setbacks. In one scene, he experiences car troubles and is clueless on how to solve them. He does not even know how to pop the boot of his car. This being the introductory video indicates the various challenges that youth in the hood experience in their quest for progress and increased acceptance in the society.

The documentary also covers other struggles that the main character experiences in his quest for growth and progress. One of the troubles that he faces is the incessant feud with his producer. The producer is unwilling or largely incapable of helping him in his music aspirations. Feuding with the producer instantly locks him out of any path of progress that could have stemmed from the music career.

The character also has personal setbacks whereby he is incapable of wooing his girlfriend. The girlfriend does not see any potential in the character. The original video exposes the real struggles that most of the youth have to contend with in order for them to attain any level of meaningful success.

BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. The company has been in the mass media business specializing in both radio broadcast as well as television viewership. The company has various targets markets. Originally, BBC used to focus predominantly on the news dissemination. However, with time, the company has diversified its interests to include production and airing of the various television series. The increased efforts of the company to become more inclusive have contributed to the retention of its relevance even in the changing times.

The original video can be accessed on YouTube or BBC3. The YouTube videos covering the life in the hood as explained from the perspective of R.S are divided in episodes. However, BBC launched BBC three recently. The new station is the first of its kind focusing on the online viewers. Anyone seeking to gain more understanding on British comedy, drama and current affairs can access them through the channel. Consequently, the viral meme can be perceived as an extension of the message covered in the hood documentary. Alternatively, it can be a way of providing different humor or accentuating particular instances of impeccable humor.

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