Man hacks Big Billy Bass Fish into talking Alexa singing fish robot.

Man hacks Big Mouth Billy Bass Fish into talking Alexa singing fish robot. The fish is able to say whatever the man programs it to say. So far it can tell us the weather! If he can put more functions into the robot , we can see this being a best seller this christmas. Especially for the fisherman !

Artist Brian Kane has transformed one of those famous Billy Bass Fish into an Amazon Alexa, by using a RasberryPi processing unit and the Alexa API, creating a slightly disturbing, but much more fun “Alexa” for the home! Expect to see more of this as the IOT world collides with art and design to create more useful and interesting connected objects for brands and art.

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Man hacks Alexa into singing fish robot ! The future is here thanks to @BrianKane !
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