This New Internet UNameItChallenge Will Have You Hyped For Thanksgiving

Another week, another new internet challenge. The UNameItChallenge . Instagram user RemixGodSuede took it upon himself to get you excited about Thanksgiving, adding his own instrumental behind a clip of gospel icon Shirley Caesar. Caesar’s “beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes” chant, paired with organ sounds and a banging drum pattern, make for a ridiculously catchy snippet and social media users have already begun making their own #UNameItChallenge dance videos and generally using the audio in creative ways.

                                           –  “People are remixing Shirley Caesar’s “Hold My Mule” to create Thanksgiving bangers.

The internet is back at it again spreading joy and laughs with its latest #unameitchallenge.

The #unameitchallenge includes a remixed version of Shirley Caesar’s “Hold My Mule,” specifically the “beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes…” list of food along with Shirley’s “You name it!’ shout from the song/sermon.

And, of course, it is perfect.

It all began with carefully edited videos and memes courtesy of Daquan Geese and  iComplexity using Suede The Remix God’s remix, before spiraling into the challenge it is now. Soon, users began sharing their own memes and Chris Brown has even challenged fans to show their best moves.” – “A vintage video of Gospel artist Shirley Caesar listing a soul food menu during a performance surfaced last week. Immediately our minds went into Thanksgiving mode.”

scroll down for a short interview with Pastor Shirley Caesar

The Original :

Short Interview with Pastor Shirley Caesar :

Full interview — >>

Here are some of the best the best from youtube:

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