Gary Jordan – Sorry Artist Spotlight Vol. 78 #IndieArtist #Musicismylife

Rarenorm: “Why did you make this song? What do you want to achieve in your music career? When did you start loving music and what are you creating next?”

I made this song for myself and anyone who was feeling discouragement from the outside. I want to let everyone know it’s not only ok to prioritize the goals you carry in the deepest cracks of your soul, but it’s also necessary. We must pursue our greatest ambitions when seeking fulfillment unapologetically. I’ve been writing rhymes for 16 years now but finally decided to pursue my music career full time this year. I’ve recorded almost 60 songs (unreleased) and have 8 unreleased videos completed as well. Born in Hollywood, Fl I went to an elementary school called Bethune Elementary (in Dania Beach) which was a magnet school where my focus was Keyboard. I excelled quickly and was playing in recitals in front of the school.

Unfortunately, a few evictions/hardships took our family elsewhere and I lost touch with the instrument but found a new passion that could help my mind escape any situation it was in (writing rhymes). When I was 14 my pops was diagnosed with cancer and lost his job at the same time. For 3 years all 4 members of my family lived in 1 room together in Miami. Most of my friends lived in Broward so I spent a lot of time writing rhymes which helped heal a lot of pain inside of me.

I found out it was easier for my soul to articulate messages through rhymes/music than words. It became a habit which became second nature. For years I never believed in myself and never had the intention of actually recording music until some close friends gave me the push I needed after hearing me spit and the rest is history. My next song is called “Love yourself”. I’ve been focusing on making impactful music the kind that can help people and I think this next release will be a great way to showcase a dope video, with strong lyrics and an even stronger message. When it comes to achievements in making music I’d have to say that I aspire to inspire.

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