Hank Azaria Breaks Down His Iconic Simpsons Voices and Movie Roles | GQ

Hank Azaria Breaks Down His Iconic Simpsons Voices and Movie Roles | GQ

Hank Azaria Breaks Down His Iconic Simpsons Voices and Movie Roles | GQ

Hank Azaria breaks down his most iconic voices and movie roles, from ‘Heat’ to ‘The Simpsons’. All of his characters are based on friends. Like Al Pacino. Hank stars in Brockmire, airing on IFC.

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Hank Azaria Breaks Down His Iconic Simpsons Voices and Movie Roles | GQ

Super Scout - a few months ago

Rip Apu

Fred Roman - a few months ago

Simpsons ripped off Shannon Elizabeth's favorite hilarious and religious cartoon South Park.

Furthermore - a few months ago

If I connect Shazam with Spotify or ITunes, does that mean Shazam will recognize all the songs in that catalog?

julian fishman - a few months ago

Azaria doing his Simpsons characters is always hilarious!!!

Randy Erickson - a few months ago

You should have taken over for Craig Ferguson.

Ichijo Festival - a few months ago

He's a friggin' vocal chameleon.

Tomás Valladares - a few months ago

11:13 hahaha

bert1029 - a few months ago

That story about the Comic Book Guy and his lists creases me up 😂

CadillacJak - a few months ago

Godzilla was great I liked it better then the new ones

obligatory ahegao face #27 - a few months ago

8:55 what is up with the billing on that poster? how is hank azaria billed above everyone? why is ben stiller near the bottom?

Ultimate Truth - a few months ago

He's a racist…

Anton Seim - a few months ago

These are really great GQ. Well done.

C Cameron - a few months ago

leave out Apu? sweet jeez of naz

d d - a few months ago

Thanks for letting the liberals wreck the show and kill off Apu. Thanks a lot, Hank. Fighting the good fight huh.

Spice Weasle - a few months ago

I cant believe that they are dropping Apu because folk are saying it racist!!!

Dickum N Lickum the V: Emperor Of YouTube. - a few months ago

Comic Book Guy was almost prophetic in its description of the incel/neckbeard subculture that would later spring up what, 25 + years after The Simpsons first aired?

Chris Concannon - a few months ago

When he does his British accent, I hear Jeremy Irons.

gizzykat kat - a few months ago

What a great guy for giving us all those voices! My favorite voice of his was………….

The Trump News Network - a few months ago

I just love Mystery Men

mrnoname1 - a few months ago

I found a fun easter egg at the 9:00 mark, if you put a mystery men dvd into your computer you can watch it after the video is over, it's crazy!

Big Virgil - a few months ago


Remedy - a few months ago

Hard to believe that with a career this amazingly varied and an IMDb list of acting credits as extensive, Hank Azaria's most controversial character would be hard working South Asian immigrant Apu

Ryan T - a few months ago

he didn't talk about one my favorite rolls of his.. American Sweethearts w/ Him, Julia Roberts, John Cusack, Billy Crystal and Catherine Zita Jones.

Jack Dolah - a few months ago

BROCKMIRE is a really great show! Make em more hank

HighDef - a few months ago

As a British person I can say I approve and enjoy his British accent impression.

TheConspiracy Realist - a few months ago

Quite right! Tally Hoe, and all that sort of rot!

MrSuckeragi - a few months ago

I never realized how many movies I like this guy is in. A true actor, it seems like he has fun with every role.

Waterdust - a few months ago

Why do you need TEN banana republic ads throughout this?! WHY?!?! Does your greed know any limits? let people watch things in peace!!

Dangerous Kitchen - a few months ago

He's great as T Bag in Prison Break

Doc Willy - a few months ago

Left out Apu. Shame!

Scott Johnson - a few months ago

I've seen the first two episodes of Brockmire. Loved it!

Elle Tailor - a few months ago

God Bless You Hank. Please never stop being stellar in everything you do.

Bruce Moyo - a few months ago

The Simpsons is why l like this guy!! Didn’t know he did all those characters.

Iskinder Sam - a few months ago

Great actor

Matthew Lecroy Fan Club - a few months ago

surprised the crazies haven't gotten to this video to mass dislike because of apu

Diamond D - a few months ago

Wow….. just wow. An amazing part of history. Sounds like a very humble person. legend

Alone Alien - a few months ago

While I love the character of Apu and do not want him to go away, it is not a clear-cut issue of political correctness. Hari Kondablou, a stand-up comic, brought this to the forefront based on his own experience. People who have actually experienced the negative repercussions of racial stereotypes have the right to speak up about such things. Now what the creators of the show do about it is up to them.

DeadTownManifesto1985 - a few months ago

He's one of those people who probably got screwed and didn't make much money off his career.

Insert Clever Username - a few months ago

Agadore Spartacus!

Jamal Wayans - a few months ago

Hey….i loved the godzilla…

RCKouba salah - a few months ago

Amanda hug n kiss

Laura Robison - a few months ago

A class act!

Jesse Grant - a few months ago

I never knew this haha 😂

Paul Volpe - a few months ago

Omg I love this guy, and I never realized how much until now.

Machismo1983 - a few months ago

Cartier Tank?

bdwj1987 wwe 2k17 - a few months ago

hes was venom in spider-man 1994

Jon-Michael Berglund - a few months ago

He is turning me on right now lol

meathook3000 - a few months ago

Thank you, come again!

Central.Phalange Editz - a few months ago

David aren’t you meant to be in Minsk ?!😂

Nehir Akın - a few months ago

I loved him as Gargamel and also i remember watching him in America's Sweethearts he was great in it.

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