HQ – HUNGRY Artist Spotlight Vol. 189 #HQ #Hungry

I wrote Hungry after having a moment of clarity and realizing how much of my own destiny I’m really in control of.

I changed my perspective on my situation in dealing with where I was in life and realizing what may have been a situation that felt like an endless cycle of hopelessness was really just a temporary situation, as long as I remained determined and focused.

The most important take-away is never let “setbacks” transition to “downfall”. We all have things we’re fighting for.


HQ is an artist/producer hailing from Marietta, Ga. Coming from a family of musicians, he began writing song of his own by the age of 8. By 12, after watching youtube videos of Just Blaze and J Dilla making beats in their studios, HQ began making beats and selling them to fellow students in school for lunch money at the time. HQ worked for years on his craft both in production and writing.

Welcome to Rare Norm
Welcome to Rare Norm