Rashad St. Pierre Start Up College Tours Set to Spread Positivity Through College Campuses

What have I been doing in the last 5 years?

That’s a great question. Five years ago, I began college, feeling fortunate and blessed to attend the world-renowned school of Berklee College of Music but the thought of completing my 4 years is a different story. It was tough going to school and working part time for all four years but I have learned so much during that time that I can continue to value and carry with as I tread further in life. Having studied Music Business/Management, I have learned that if I want to one day run my own business, I have to able to run myself first. You can’t run a successful business if you don’t have any organizational skills. Neither can you run a successful business without any discipline. These are skills that aren’t necessarily taught in our education system so it takes recognition of weaknesses, then focus, to be able to accomplish any type of goal that you have set for yourself.


So what have I been doing in the last five years of my life?

I’ve been setting myself up for the future.

What impact do I want to have on society?

(College students) The impact I want to have on society and/or college students is a positive and influential one. Where I’m from, I grew up in a plethora of talent. It was and still is a hub full of creativity, ranging from artists to producers to fashion designers. The challenge that we face is putting aside the egos that put others down and support each other and the lifestyles that we live, curated by our diverse cultures. Overall, I’d like to bring my hometown together musically, artistically, etc and really put ourselves on the map.

Why am I doing this college tour?

My partners and I, and Regal Academy, are doing this college event tour to bring an invigorating event experience to the college scene. College is a privilege that isn’t granted to everyone. It is a time of your life you’re only given once. You spend long hours studying and writing papers, developing lifelong skills but there comes a time to take a break and wind down. Typically, a party is a place to go but a party is more than just a room with loud music. What it should be is a moment in time where you forget your worries and have a good time; euphoria. Parties today aren’t thought well enough, unsatisfactory, and ends up just being a waste of time for some. ‘Some’ is more than too much for us so we’re developing an unforgettable festive experience. This is more than just a party for us. We do not throw parties – we hold exclusive events. We want the college experience to be one to live for. To add on to this experience, we’re building a line of merchandise to let people become a part of our institution, giving them an opportunity to be “enrolled” into Regal Academy. It’ll be more than clothes but also items unique to our experience.1375176_10152355016124468_1444661513_n

What would you like to accomplish from it?

There are many things I would like to accomplish from this but it all ties into one thing and that is the success of this endeavor. Students will go the distance for a good experience. A good experience is what we’re providing, which is the base of our institution. What also sets us apart is how we cater our services to our clients. Ultimately, a recognizable brand, not only locally but nationwide, is what we are producing.

Where would I like to be in 5 years?

No matter where I am in 5 years, I intend to be in a position of power. Regal Academy aims to be in a position of high demand for newfound entertainment. Once again, it’s about building a recognizable brand so 5 years from now, the intention is to have people know who Regal Academy is, what we do and why we do it. Everyone deserves to have a fun and memorable time and that is and will always be what we bring.


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