Boston’s very own Groove Baby

Groove Baby is the real deal she gets a party grooving. Rare Norm discovered such a talent through one of our employees. He had asked if we had ever heard of an artist around boston and none of us did. He then played her soulhauss session and it was music to our ears the whole office was grooving. We had a mini dance session that day. After that we had to contact her! She responded instantly and was very friendly. Here is her Rare Interview.

When did you want to become a DJ?

 I wanted to become a DJ since I was about 10 years old (It’s written in my pink sequin diary, “ps. I still really want to be a Dj”  haha). My parents heavily influenced me into liking house/trance music at a young age and I have just been crazy about it ever since. As I got older and as House/Dance music (or EDM as most refer to it) has really evolved over the years is when I realized “Holy Shit- people do this instead of a 9-5?”. I noticed more and more as I kept going to nightclubs and festivals that I was really longing to be that person on stage or in control of the booth rather than wanting to just party all the time…so within the last two years is when I decided that this is something that  I really wanted to do & take it seriously. I really wanted to become a Dj since I have a deep appreciation for all Dance music and I really want to share it to the world but all in the while of performing it and giving people a good time! FB_IMG_1444684242167

How Did Your Become a DJ?

I actually got my training on CDJs only a few months ago. This past summer I spent in Los Angeles filming/competing in Tiesto’s (yes, THE TIESTO) and 7Ups “Your Shot USA” DJ competition, which is where my journey really started. Before the competition I was trying to teach myself and it wasn’t going so smoothly. From the competition is how I learned to really use CDJs as more of an instrument during a set rather than just mixing. I placed Top 30 and got to perform a huge showcase as my first ever live set which was wicked cool however I didn’t place Top 6 to move onto Vegas BUT the competition really opened my eyes to this whole other world and has really inspired me as an artist to be different – because different is good.FB_IMG_1444684347939

Since I have been back I have just been practicing everyday & working on my production skills to get to the level I am aiming for. Right now, my biggest challenge as an artist is the production, since I am self-teaching myself at the moment! Luckily, there are so many threads and tutorials out there to help me get my visions out there!

What are your goals for the next year?

I definitely want to take on production on a full scale – I am currently thinking about transferring to a school and majoring in Music Production. Once I finish my Marketing Degree next spring, I want to release a track and hopefully – headline a show!


Instagram: @itainteasybeinmareezy

Inquiries/Contact: [email protected]



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