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Brian Pollett A Master Of Digital Art

12642561_10154018605562033_6711445199563005321_n1. What are the goals for your art work? and where would you like to see yourself at the end of the year?

For the past 3 years I’ve had my graphic design work for money and my fine art for “fun”. I never made consistent money from my fine art until this year, thanks to the Binge Project.  So I’m recklessly in the process of combining work and play in order to make a living. And its working out pretty well. So by the end of the year I want to have my business stabilized so I can spend more time making/sharing art.    Where do I want to take my art work? Here is a list of some “Art” projects I’s like to set in motion  by the end of this year.

– Become a youtube personality remonstrant of Bob Ross on Meth.
– Start working in 3D software so I can more efficiently create ghetto installation art and eventually create my own VR experiences.
– I’ve already got all the templates and I’m almost ready to start creating a Woman’s fashion line.  (I almost wish I was a woman just so I could wear my own dresses while feeling accepted by society.)

download (10)

 2. How hard was it to completely the 20 day art concept and did you end up taking all those drugs?

The most difficult part of the Binge was recording, editing, and uploading a video of my process after what was usually an 8 hour trip. So I was happy to make art while high, until I sobered up and had to do boring left brain things.

As I publicly mentioned on day 14 of the Binge,  I took some, not all.
Here are the substances I did NOT take for the project.

download (8) download (7)

3. Who has the biggest influence on your art work?

If I’m not currently infatuated with a woman, and or I’m not getting paid for it, then I have the biggest influence on my art.

 download (5)\

4. Are you more of a solo artist or would you ever like to have a team or work for a publication?

As of this year I assembled the best group of Hustlers from L.A to help me push my pixels.

5. When did you start creating and what advice would you have for younger artist just starting up?

I started creating digital art in 2012 because I was sick of traditional mediums such as charcoal or oil paint. My best advice for for beginning artists is to learn as much as you can until you find your niche. You’ll know where to go from there when it happens. Be stubborn. Good people do drugs, bad people take all the (1)

6. Where and when does your creativity spark the most ?

I mostly work in the comfort of my own home. I also like to contrast creating in my clean studio with the chaos of parties.
After looking through all my work over the years, I notice that I am creatively super charged when I’m in love and or trying to impress a woman. It works (sometimes)
7. Where are you from and whats your background in the art world?

I grew up in a festering pimple of a town called “Tracy” which is a little over an hour away from San Francisco. I’ve been living in San Francisco since 2007 and attending underground art shows and electronic music events ever since. I showed my oil paintings in several galleries in my early 20s. When I started making digital art, the galleries told me I can’t make digital art because it can be reproduced and that makes rich white people mad.SHOUT OUT TO
My Agent/Manager Josh Egelston @ Out to Adobe and Wacom for not sponsoring me after all these years of being one of your many ass kissers and actually buying your software! Love you guys! Stay Thug!

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