If anyone has the OVO sound going into 2016 it’s this dude, AeroXANDER!



What have you been doing that past 3 years?

For the past three years I’ve been working consistently, between work and school, to find my sound. I’m trying to perfect a sound that really gives an idea of who I am right when you hear my voice. I’ve gone from someone who raps with cadence and had a huge focus on clarity, really flowing as a rapper and gritty wordplay to someone who utilizes much more melody on a regular basis and has a greater emphasis on stylistic flows while letting the wordplay handle itself. I’ve made a lot of music in the last three years trying to perfect the sound of Aero; I even changed my name in the process as I now go by AeroXANDER.


You have an OVO influence, have you always been a fan?

I’d consider the OVO Sound label to be my biggest musical influence. I wasn’t always a huge fan of Drake per say, I’d always liked his music, but it wasn’t until Take Care that I really would say I felt like I was a fan. The Weeknd and that whole OVOXO movement was huge for me back then. Now PARTYNEXTDOOR has become one of my greatest influences today, his sound and work as a producer is what inspires me the most. OVO has a lot of artists who I get a strong vibe with Roy Woods in particular is a new one that I mess with heavy; the Exis EP was a strong project even at only 6 tracks. I feel that the OVO Sound is something I could emulate over to the Boston sound. Boston is cold, gritty, honest, and proud. I get a lot of those vibes from Toronto music, I feel the style could transfer in some ways to Boston.ovv

What Boston artist would you want to work with the most?

Boston has a lot of talent up and coming, but the one guy who I’d love to work with is the one most people seem to be recognizing, Cousin Stizz. He’s got a lot of talent and I feel our styles could work well together. His beats have that cold vibe to them that honest, gritty sound that I really like. Michael Christmas is obviously another big name Boston artist who I’d like to work with. I’ve got friends doing their thing as well who I hope to collab with down the road, dudes I went high school with and stuff, I’ve talked to some of them about that kinda stuff and it’s in the works, but that would be really dope.cscscsc

If you were to get signed today , what artist would you want to work with?

The dream is to get that OVO sign, that’s my influence that’s my goal, but at the same time I think working with J. Cole would be really dope. Dreamville has a lot of talent as well and Cole is such a consistent presence in the game I’d love to work with him. Back when I first started YMCMB was like my dream signing, I wanted to work with Wayne so bad. The dream is OVO though all the way.

ovo-banner_v3-1Do you have a album or mixtape dropping soon?

Right now I’m currently working on a brief project with some beats I probably shouldn’t have or be working with. But I figure I’ll make something with them and if I have to take them down I will, but the opportunity to showcase myself on some quality beats is something I can’t turn down. I’m in the process of recording right now, and I’ve been putting out remixes of songs on SoundCloud here and there. Following this little project I hope to get into producing for myself or collaborating with other producers and really crafting my own sound and seeing where things go from there.

What changes to society do you want to bring to the table with yourself and your music?

As far as society goes I just want to push the culture of music. If there’s one thing I can say I genuinely like about music more today than I ever have before is that it seems like people actually really do this for the love of the music. Growing up I feel like a lot of people took music for granted and used it as a paycheck. Of course it’s a business, and we all want to put bread on the table for our families, but I think today a lot of artists really like doing this, because they really love the music. I want to keep that going and hopefully my music will inspire someone else to really get into it.


In 5 years where would you like to see yourself?

In 5 years, I see myself working with the bigs, Drake, Cole, Jay-Z, Ye, Kendrick, all those dudes. At the same time I see myself trying to expand my brand to further than just the hip-hop R&B corner. Somewhat like what the Weeknd was able to do so successfully this year. He’s still fairly true to his roots while making #1 hit after #1 hit. I see myself as a force in the whole industry someone people consider one the best doing it regardless of genre. I want to be the best version of myself aspiring to be better.

“Big thanks to my family, friends, and everyone who supports me. You guys keep me going.”

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aeroxandermusic/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/aeroxander

SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/aeroxander

IG: aeroxander

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