President Obama meets with Macklemore to deliver a powerful message

The weekly address of the president Obama has once again captured the attention of the public, as he teamed up withMacklemore to send out the moving distress call, discussing the severity of the addiction disease, and the opioid overdose issues.


Pointing out that the addiction problem is not firmly related to a particular lifestyle or a social environment, Obama highlighted the growing number of the addiction cases caused by prescription painkillers. After sharing the memory about losing a friend due to the painkiller overdose, the famous rapper stressed the importance of recognizing the addiction as a disease, emphasizing the equal vulnerability of every individual to this threat, utterly unkeen to distinguish between the factors of race or social background.

In the powerful recollection of his own treatment, Macklemore called upon the Americans to become aware of the addiction cases occurring in their nearest surrounding and to take part in the joint effort to provide help to those in need.

Underlining that making the conversation about the addiction public is the task of the utmost importance, Obama also addressed the necessity of creating the new investments with the purpose of challenging this issue. Pointing out the importance of the proper medical staff training, as well as the civil engagement, they completed this emotional appeal asserting that the caring of the community stands out as the vital part of the healing process.

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