Rare Norm Starts 2016 With A Q&A From too many zooz

toomanyzooz1. Who started too many zooz and what made you guys believe you could do what you have done so far?

Too Many Zooz was started by Leo P, The King of Sludge, and myself (Matt Doe). We began in the subway about 3 years ago. Leo and I went to school together at MSM and Leo and David met each other in the subway playing with another band called the Drumadics. We didn’t really know that this would turn into anything nearly this big when we started. So in a way, there was nothing that made us believe we could do what we have done because we had no idea all that stuff was going to happen.

2. Where do you feel your music is going? What is the role too many zooz is trying to place in society?

Our music is moving in it’s own direction. We’re trying to forge a new path and bridge this huge gap between DJ’s and live bands. I don’t want to speak on our societal role, cause that could change overnight.

3. How did your international tour go ? and where do you guys wanna be in 5 years?

Tour was amazing. I’ll be honest man, that shit wears you down a lot. But it’s worth every ounce of energy we put into it.

4. When is your next album dropping?
Album drops 2016. Just be ready for it!

They were also #11 on Billboard’s “Next Big Sound 25” list:too many zooz

Twitter: @TooManyZooz

Facebook: toomanyzooz

Instagram: @wearetoomanyzooz

Album: F note

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