Showing My Passion: Henry Hwu

We recently were able to set up an interview with photographer Henry Hwu that has been gaining a rapid set of followers on his Instagram account by sharing pictures of the world from his perspective. Check out what the talented young photographer had to say.

You’ve been kidnapped. You can call on a character from one television show to make a rescue attempt. Who do you pick?

 Scooby Doo. No matter what happens, the crew always pulls though somehow. Always.HKHome-3


What drew you to photography?

My passion for photography, or art in general, was always something that existed through my adolescence. It’s honestly really crazy that in this day and age, taking pictures and sharing them, or media in general, has never been this easy & accessible. I originally started taking photos with my iPhone the past couple of years, but ever since I picked up my own camera in the summer just 8 months ago. I started to shoot a lot more concerts, which today is my favorite setting when it comes to taking photos. It’s crazy to see how much progress I’ve made since then, but there are still so many things I’m constantly learning every time I use pick up my camera and have yet to learn.


Has there been a moment where you knew photography was you wanted to do?

Yes. Anyone who knows me is familiar with the amount of traveling I do. Although there’s still plenty of places in the world that I haven’t even come close to visiting that I would love to one day, the places I’ve seen around the world are what fuels my passion to take photos. When I’m not taking photos at concerts, I’m in another city capturing the cityscapes. There are not many other things I enjoy than capturing how a certain city looks in my own eyes. 

LogicFresh Henry

It’s pretty cool how you get to go to concerts and take photos of music artist like Logic and Joey Badass, how to did you get that gig? And how is that like?

It’s a lot different than people might perceive it to be. One thing I’ve learned about shooting events and concerts is that connections are everything. Press/media passes to shoot artists are either obtained through an artist’s management or through a media outlet, such as a blog or a publication you’re shooting for. It was tough at first without a proper portfolio. I remember the first concert I shot at was Kehlani, I snuck my camera in the venue and found myself the best view off of a balcony and just went trigger happy on my camera shutter. I took over 750 pictures that night and ended up with 25 usable pictures, at the most. All in all, concert photography is where I’m the most comfortable. A strong preference for Hip-hop performers, there’s something about how the live sounds mixed with a screaming crowd as well as amazing lighting that just does it for me.


Is there a message that you would like people to get out of your pictures?

Of course. The main message I strive to get out of my photos is that there’s nobody else that will do you better than you will. One thing I’ve learned through photography so far is that there’s so much out there in the world to see, learn, and experience. I want people to see my photos and be inspired to do what makes them happy, regardless of what others may think or say.



Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Damn, that’s a tough one. I couldn’t tell you what my next year would look like. One of my main goals is to tour with an artist around the world. That’s something that has always been the dream. The thought of waking up in a new city every day and the opportunity to do it over and over again each night is wicked. I obviously want to be making enough money to support myself. However, as long as I’m doing something that truly makes me happy and that I’m passionate about, nothing else really matters. I hope to be involved in the marketing aspect of the music industry, also applying my photography when possible. 


Would you eat a bowl of crickets for $40,000?

Probably. Depends how big the bowl is though haha, and if the $40,000 is in US dollars. The Canadian dollar sucks so much right now. 



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