This Man Has Flow 2016 Meet Chovi – H.A.H.

Chovi If you’d could only fight off aliens with a butter knife or a spoon as your last weapon, which would you choose ?

oh, ha. Ill do a butter knife, that can be sharpened into a butterfly knife.

Funny rap name, what would it be or if you have been called ones before what was it ?

When I started up, like only a few months in, I would come up with all these puns, learning wordplay and what not, but as you can imagine not all of them were the coolest, one might even say corny. So as a joke I called myself King Maize, because I would often use dense clever word play that would take people a minute to get, but when Id joke around i’d come up with these corny puns, so the name had a double meaning – that I was clever with my wordplay, like a Maze, but I would stay throwing these corny puns every chance I got, hence the Maize, which is another word for corn. So I was king clever and king corny at the same time.

Where are you from and what is your end goal with music ? 

I moved around a lot as a kid so I’ll keep it to the Boston area.

My end goal? Well one of my goals is to get better, but thats hard to answer. Im sure if you asked a painter what their end goal is with painting they wouldn’t know what to say either. Creatives just create, there is no end goal really. If you’re talking money, awards, cars, etc. Yeah I want that stuff, but its not why I do it, I just do it because I think its dope and it feels good to make something that I like, is 100% me, and is enjoyable to the people around me. My goal is to be great at creating something the people enjoy, Ill go with that.

What label do you dream of getting signed to ? or would you like to be your own entity?

Truthfully, Im reluctant to getting with a label. I’d prefer to further establish my own team and create something on our own while developing relationships with other teams in the industry and really earning our respect for how we conduct ourselves, the bonds we build, and the music we create.

What sets your apart from other artist ?

Well, Ill say what i’ve been told and what I have also observed. I have been told that my sound, specifically my vocal depth and musical range, sets me apart. I don’t know, its been a lot of vague statements all to the effect of “wow, your sound is so different”. Personally, what I notice is that I can balance being lyrical as well as creating a songs that can be sung along to or just enjoyed for its melodic qualities too. Bars are nice, but I like making songs as well, not just raps.   Chovi 12507146_929769703771746_8010044688106767051_n

What inspired you to produce  H.A.H ?

H.A.H. in every sense of the song, from its heavy bass, and deep vocal delivery is a sonic representation of my youthful indignation towards the conveyor belt like education system/ the expectations placed on a kid who knows jack shit about the world and is supposed to just go with it and shut up. I found that I shared the same hatred towards a social/academic system that encourages you to find a job quickly and become a worker ant – but who would just sign the rest of their life away to something they’re not sure they even like, let alone have an interest in? So this song is basically a big middle finger to the whole idea that college is the best 4 years of your life/ we’re supposed to get a job settle down and die/ and its saying “I”, or the listener, whoever, am meant for more. “Tendani told me that the gods have a plan”. It is possible to get rich doing something you love. “My professor cant give me lessons or say jack cuz if he knew it he’d be in a maybach gettin that money – Ill be gettin that, Yeah YEAH!”

Your visuals are really good do you have a production team ?

Im glad you like the visuals. With the music, I do have a production team, full of smart and passionate kids working towards the same dream. But for the visuals I have to give it up to my man and co-director Matt Arnold of M9 visuals. He was able to see my vision, what I was trying to communicate through the song and we were able to mix our ideas and bring that out visually. He’s a great guy, super professional and great to work with. I would recommend him to anybody. For the record, you don’t really need a production team, just vision, energy, and a good (really good) camera.

If you were to come across a fortune left by a very wealth relative what would you do to change the world through your music ?

Well, I think if Im going to change the world with my music, its going to happen with or without the money. Thank god for the internet. However, I would change the world of hip-hop specifically by paying a many artists, large and small, to not put out so many mix tapes with like 30 songs each. It devalues the music and ultimately makes the audience appreciate us less. This mass production of music isn’t sustainable, plus, how much of it is really going to last? Stop feeding our people Micky D’s, lets get our 5 star on with good quality music. I hate that rappers put out so much music and when Adele puts one song out the world falls out of orbit. We can do better for ourselves and for each other.

Where would you like to see yourself in 3 years ?

In three years? I see myself beginning to be recognized on a national scale/being an artist who is always in the conversation/on the verge of breaking into an international market.

Shout out to Jonathan Remy and Rarenorm for this interview, you guys are catching me at the very beginning of my journey so its great that you are taking notice. Big shout out to everyone who says I can, and more importantly those who say I cant. To those who doubt, just look at them and say HAH!

Catch you later, all the best.


Chovi Nazaire




(producer of HAH)

Thanks guys.

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