Trumpeter David Baylies Thows Down the Hottest Jazz Sessions in the Boston Area

What is your name and what instrument do you play?

My name is David Baylies, and I play the trumpet. I’m also learning how to play the drums and piano.


What have you achieved so far in your life?
So far, I’ve learned how to manage a life of both engineering and music. As I’m currently a junior in mechanical engineering at Boston University, it’s not easy to factor music into the equation – It takes a lot of time to maintain my skills while consistently growing as a musician! I have learned to make the best of every moment, staying motivated despite the odds.
What made you guys wanna hold jazz sessions every Saturday Night?
We’re throwing these jams not only to grow as musicians, but also to get locals from BU and the surrounding Boston area to come together and collaborate. We want to grow jazz/funk/soul music in the area, and in the process become more aware of the quality and quantity of musicians in Boston. Above all, though, we jam because we want to have a good time.11813530_488870554624124_6145784201875874065_n
Where do you wanna be in 5 years? and what do you want to happen with the sessions?
In five years, I’d like to find myself in a line of work that combines aspects of engineering with elements of music. I want to be able to build newer and stranger instruments in order to enhance the quality of music across the globe.
I really want these jams to be a way for locals to get a better idea of what jazz really is. It seems that many people have no clue what I’m talking about when I speak about jazz! I’d like to garner an interest in the music, as it’s amazingly fun when done right. I believe that an interest in jazz comes from good experiences with the music, and the jams are good experiences! Musician or not, come
check it out!
The jams take place every Saturday night at 503 Park Drive, Apartment 1. Please text me at 857-334-6204 if you’d like to come listen or play!

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