Zibra is one of the most innovative European bands on the Web !


1. What are the goals for your Music and where would you like to see yourself at the end of the year?
Well we have a shed load of material we’re trying to get out into the world! Starting with our new single “Girls like you” which is a double A side with Goodbye Mondays. It has had awesome feedback on FIFA 16, so hopefully at the end of the year we are still alive and still touring.

2. How hard was it to create that contraption with all those gameboys!?

It was hard, looking back it was a doddle. But thinking of how much trial and error goes into making things since being a toddler and breaking stuff, it was pretty hard, but with persistence you get the hang of it. The real geniuses are people like Trash80 who makes the software for the gameboy cartridges.

3. Who has the biggest influence on your music?

Always Elvis Costello, The Damned i mean it doesn’t look like it when you see my contraptions, but the music breaths in itself, those machines merely grew from a love of making stuff with my hands and brain, it just so happens to work with the music I’m making!

4.  Would you ever like to work for a label ?

Yes, if the right one came about! 

5. When did you start creating and what advice would you have for younger artist just starting up?

I started the musical journey when i got my sisters forgotten about acoustic guitar out of the loft to serenade my iguana and try play to air guitar compilation 2 on a CD-R from my uncle when i was about 12. At that time I was trying to make a robot to compete in robot wars out of a ricochet RC car and a lot of MDF board and hot glue, needless to say it fell apart after half hour.


6. Where and when does your creativity spark the most ?

I always find my shower time to be the most useful time, or when I’m sleeping. Honestly when your not thinking anything at all. But still, i tend to sit there and force it too, which sometimes comes out with positive results, but you just never know when a idea can spark.

7. Where are you from and whats your background in the music world?

I’m from Peterborough. Played in the circuit over there, last 3/4 years been living and gigging in London whilst working on songs and stuff.

Shout out to Russ and Ben! HEY GUYZ

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