Izzy Mintz Artist Spotlight Vol. 17

Why did you make this song? 

I wanted to make a song that blended lyricism and the current autotune era. I also have some screamo vocals tucked in the hook harmonies. I wanted to put the versatility of my creativity on full display! 

What do you want to achieve in your music career? 

I’m just a kid from a small town. I want to make a living off of my music and show people back home and basically anybody they can do it too. 


When did you start loving music and what are you creating next? 

I started loving music during the Kanye West Lupe Pharrell, Clipse, Glow In The Dark era (2008). That was my golden era! 

K.O is releasing in two DAYYS!! Make sure to follow Izzy on all platforms located to below!

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