Jason Bateman Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Jason Bateman Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Jason Bateman Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Jason Bateman breaks down his most iconic and favorite characters, including roles in ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ ‘Teen Wolf Too,’ ‘Juno,’ ‘Arrested Development,’ ‘Dodgeball,’ ‘Hancock,’ ‘The Switch,’ ‘Horrible Bosses,’ ‘Ozark’ and more. Ozark Season 2 will be available only on Netflix August 31st.

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Jason Bateman Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

The picture of an eye - 11 months ago

A really underrated movie of his, is '' BAD WORDS'' very sarcastic, very funny.

Jonathan Hernandez - 11 months ago

Jason Bateman is the white version of Samuel L Jackson

Gmotion EDC - 11 months ago

Dude is funny

Minedog9 - 11 months ago

So nothing about this is where I leave you

Southpaw Billings - 11 months ago

The Change Up and Disconnect should’ve been on here

Kip Andrew - 11 months ago

what about extract!?

Kip Andrew - 11 months ago

I wish he would have gone on more about each movie and more fun facts and stuff. It was mostly boring he just simplified how he got to play and how grateful he was to play then onto the next one

Dave Frazier - 11 months ago

What about the Hogan Family? Silver spoons were guest appearances right?

bazinga - 11 months ago

That's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for them.

Lord Walter Stark - 11 months ago

Wow, he's the same in real life.

THEoneNonlyFOX - 11 months ago

Its your move ? Valerie ? These are what I will always remember Jason for.

Manuppelli - 11 months ago

No Bad Words??

Success Wealth - 11 months ago

Jason Bateman is awesome! Great actor/thespian and man! Salute!

David Loney - 11 months ago

He was great in State of Play as well.

Trevor Jeremy Roberts - 11 months ago

They should really cast Jason as Mr. Fantastic in the MCU.

Trevor Jeremy Roberts - 11 months ago

Anyone else get the impression he hated Hancock lol

dodgers doon1130 - 11 months ago

Michael: there's been alot of lying in this family.
Lucille: and alot of love
Michael: more lying

R Daniel - 11 months ago

This is Where I Leave You…??
In my opinion, his best film role.
Tina Fey also shinesin this film!
Jane Fonda is terrific as their Mom.

Thomas Gelke - 11 months ago

i just finished watching jeff bridges do this. this is like chicken in a can compared to steak.

Damian McAdams - 11 months ago

Loving Ozark

Lenus Morrison - 11 months ago

I was hoping he would talk about the change up. Love that movie

TheChazaqingdude - 11 months ago

Wish he had mentioned The Change Up. Loved that one!

I_Georgie Quest_I - 11 months ago

Teen Wolf 2 is actually a good movie…

Carl Parker - 11 months ago

Jason Bateman is one of the few actors, I actively look for movies he is in.

Eric Smith - 11 months ago

What about Necessary Roughness, Game Night and Bad Words?!

mrtalkative91 - 11 months ago

his most iconic characters? besides dodgeball, which is such a small part, he's always the exact same guy

swampThaang - 10 months ago

He had me doubting myself: I actually went to IMDB to verify that Teen Wolf Too has no academy awards. (It actually has no awards period). His genius is it is never quite absolutely clear when he is cracking a joke. LOL

James Cain - 10 months ago

Silver Spoons!!

David Ruggeri - 10 months ago

Also loved him in Paul

Jon Samuels - 10 months ago

THE GIFT!!!!!!

MrMooPow - 10 months ago

How'd he know I was pretending? Genius.

F-ton S-hairs - 10 months ago

I've LOVED Jason Bateman since the 80's!!!! huge fan!!

Infamous Yash Show - 10 months ago

this guy is so funny ..

Nick Jasper - 10 months ago

He was good in 'Up in the Air' – I know it wasn't a lead role… but it should have been mentioned.

Palidor19 - 10 months ago

You forgot about the hogan family

Dez E. - 10 months ago

I came here to hear about Smoking Aces. WTF? What other role does anyone care about.

Daniel Campbell - 10 months ago

I feel like Jason would be a great addition to the MCU. I don't know who he would play, but I feel like his personality would just fit in so well.

Joe Sutter - 10 months ago

What about the change up that's like my favorite movie!!

Dominica Colavito - 10 months ago

ngl a huge chunk of my childhood was watching Jason Bateman in Mister Magorium's Wonder Emporium…

Mr Belter - 10 months ago

Agent Zoil!

Aaron Ruesch - 10 months ago

What about Extract, the Change-up and Bad Words?

Marc Touss - 10 months ago

pepper brooks!!!!

exaltedchampion - 10 months ago

He and Chris Isaak look very alike now

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