Javon Marquel Artist Spotlight Vol. 10 #IndieArtist

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That boy glow like Bruce Leroy 🎊

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 Why did you make this song?

I made this song because I wanted to kill some hate and brag a little at the same time while telling people to fuck the haters and just ride the wave of life.



What do you want to achieve in your music career?

The strong float and the weak-minded metaphorically drown. I’m really trying to bring realness and honesty to the forefront of hip hop music and sub-genres as well. Not to mention tour the world and show people what a dude from Rochester is capable of even after being through prison systems and shit like that.

When did you start loving music and what are you creating next?

I started to produce at 13 and have always loved all kinds of music growing up. Huge Kanye West fan. I’ve got a couple of singles in the works as well as an album I’m producing myself.

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Welcome to Rare Norm
Welcome to Rare Norm