Jeff Bridges Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Jeff Bridges Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Jeff Bridges Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Jeff Bridges revisits his most iconic characters, including roles in The Last Picture Show, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, King Kong, Tron, Tron: Legacy, Starman, The Big Lebowski, True Grit, The Contender, Iron Man, Crazy Heart, Hell or High Water and Bad Times at the El Royal.
Bad Times at the El Royale in theaters on October 12!

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Jeff Bridges Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

William samaras - 11 months ago

Cough cough Iron-Man cough cough

drjwww - 11 months ago

How you could not ask about Winter Kills is absolutely inexplicable. Same goes for The Fisher King.

_ Schmaltus - 11 months ago

Now he IS iconic

thedesklauncher - 11 months ago

Where's MacReady in The Thing? Where is Jack Burton in Big Trouble in Little China?

B. Henderson - 11 months ago

Man, I bet his brother has a huge chip on his shoulder when they are together.

Todd Jackson - 11 months ago

Wow no The Mirror Has Two Faces, or The Last Unicorn? I would have liked to hear his take on those rolls.

Ikmel A.A.A. - 11 months ago

imo Starman was his best performance.

Mario D. Zmaj - 11 months ago

iron man is surprising

R Wixel Barnwell - 11 months ago

Was there no mention of the Fisher King or did I miss it?

J Sagy - 11 months ago

Such a great down to earth guy

PASSPORT PAPIII - 11 months ago

They should of made this particular one longer so he didn't have to rush through his career

Ryan Blything - 11 months ago

Tron: Legacy is a masterpiece! C'mon Disney lets have a sequel 🙂

Lucas Miranda - 11 months ago


Josh M - 11 months ago

The 1970's King Kong movie was the first Kong movie i saw and really liked it when i was a kid. I've seen the two Kong movies that have come out since then. I have seen clips of the original 1933 and plan on seeing the original film in its entirety soon. Star Man was a great film and i still watch it to this day. Tron was good too.

EdBabb - 11 months ago

Surprised they didn't speak about The Fisher King

Mike D - 11 months ago

"Fabulous Baker Boys"? That was a huge hit.

CaptJericho - 11 months ago

Why does Jeff Bridges looks exactly like my neighbor?

Mat Cooper - 11 months ago

God I love Jeff, awesome actor!

Marshall Miles - 11 months ago

One of the coolest guys in H-wood.

Jack Napier - 11 months ago

I wanna smoke a joint with him

RckerMom87 - 11 months ago

Saw Starman a few years ago which was very interesting.

kirk cavenaugh - 11 months ago

15 second ads that you can't skip??? Bold move gq… but you get the dislike

Suq Madiq - 11 months ago

I'm waiting for Ron Jeremy.

WEPS 89 - 11 months ago

Of course they wouldn't mention Cutters Way

elad dahan - 11 months ago

Dude, what about the fisher king? it's an awesome movie

trexguy - 11 months ago

No Fisher King?! My favorite

AJ P - 11 months ago

Cutters way and Fat city. Cult movies nut GQ too stupid to even ask him about them.

The Gamer - 11 months ago

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ObiTrev - 11 months ago

Where's Winter Kills or Tucker?

supercyberfunk - 11 months ago

The Big Lebowski is my favorite. Real good movie. The best part of the movie is Jeff's portrayal of The Dude.

Alex Bowman - 11 months ago

The dude abides

HollyBlueAgitated - 11 months ago


Jonathan Redford - 11 months ago

Such a great actor. I always liked him in blown away as well. He and tommy lee jones were a heck of a combo

Olympia Lowlife - 11 months ago

LOve Tron Legacy!

Olympia Lowlife - 11 months ago

One of my all time favorite Actors! Such a Cool Dude!

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