Kain Carter AKA hotdamirock The Realist YouTube Comedian EVER!

Kain Carter is the epitome of real. Watching this comedian since 2011, I begin my senior year in high school acknowledging the useful information he contained. Also the videos he had created were beyond interesting and amazingly made, I instantly became a fan.

“Super Nintendo, Sega genesis, When I was dead broke your mother bought me all of this.” A Quote that would echo through my ear’s for the next 5 years. After watching Brotherly Love, I learned the importance of not letting a women run all over you for nothing in return, it must stop. I also learned that hotdamirock was going to be one of my favorite video creators for years. Even through his dramatic scenes he had always been able to mix comedy with drama and a lesson learned by the end. He was able to immerse a viewer into his stories several different ways and that made him so great. I use to view his page every day waiting for the second part of brotherly love, which came out about a year later!

hotdamirock is a legend to YouTube and will be for many years to come. His video quality and comedic ability is in a league of it’s own. Also he is simply so real when it come’s to the advice portion of his channel. You can always find him discussing the actions to take when trying to successfully pull a woman or you could look to his other videos for great advice on just about anything to do with living your life.

Thank You, hotdamirock for entertaining me for years and being a fan, this article was due many years ago. Keep the videos coming and check out his most recent video below! It was much scarier than any horror movie out this year!


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