Kuji Young x Swayyvo – Parade Artist Spotlight Vol. 143 #Kujiyoung #Swayyvo

Rarenorm: “Why did you make this song? What do you want to achieve in your music career? When did you start loving music and what are you creating next?”

I made this song because I wanted to create something fun and different from my previous records. I started the beat a couple of years ago. Over time I couldn’t shake the melody out my head so I felt like the song was begging to be completed. Songs are persistent like that; when it’s their time, it’s their time!

I want to be known as an all-time great songwriter and producer. I want to continue to build a collective of creatives and put on extremely talented people that need guidance through the industry. I also want to enact positive change in my community and abroad.

I started loving music from a very early age when my mom would play Anita Baker and Sade and my pop would ride around with his mixtapes with artists like Common, Mos Def, Diamond D, Biggie, Redman, and Meth. I started singing in chorus and writing songs in middle school and it was off to the races from there.

Next, I will be working on a collaborative project titled “& Friends”. It will feature a number of dope artists I have met along my journey. Stay tuned!

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We LIVE!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #JustForFun is out NOW on Apple Music and SoundCloud! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project 🥂 I appreciate you all more than you know! 🙏🏾👑✊🏾💯🍾 @callmestg @swayyvo @mykestallone @thelancefury @lesshertmoreluv @_wavier @jwillglow & gramless Chip! Please let me know what y’all think about it. Can’t wait to hear y’all feedback on this one! Songs featured in this post: Parade 🎉Shoot 🔫 I Can’t Complain 🤷🏾‍♂️

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