LANY's Paul Klein Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

LANY’s Paul Klein Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

LANY’s Paul Klein Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

Paul Klein, the leading man of the California trio LANY runs us through his ink, and why his Mom thinks he looks like a sketchbook.

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LANY’s Paul Klein Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

Zehtic - 10 months ago


gracei98pettyfer - 10 months ago

pjk’s tats are just so him

Lke Lke - 10 months ago

2 minute tattoos all over .
Ya I like it

Mark Esteves - 10 months ago

Now I know how to pronounce lany correctly

Pilar Acosta - 10 months ago

Bring Matty Healy, please.

Luisa Matic - 10 months ago

PH Represent! We love you so bad, Paul.

Mark Yuan Chavez - 10 months ago


aiza estacio - 10 months ago


zeddayzedd - 10 months ago

I don't know who this dude is, but now I am going to check out his band's music, he seems sick

Pia Dobleros - 10 months ago

Omg, paul i love you💖

lol lol - 10 months ago


Peggy White - 10 months ago

what a beautiful man.

Jose The Thrid Vlogs - 10 months ago

Too many rashes on hes shoulder??? HiV?

Riah Billanes - 10 months ago


Celestina Martinez - 10 months ago

i love him ❤️

Jazzy 0921 - 9 months ago

I thoug it was pronounce as "La-nee" but it was actually "Lainy" mygashh I've been pronouncing it wrong

Dominicq Peña - 9 months ago

Y'all listen to his songs they're amazing love him so much ❤️

amran307 - 9 months ago

he coool

Cht Bnt - 9 months ago

He looks so good😍

Deeizle - 9 months ago

Cool he’s got a Pinterest board on his body! 👍🏻 whatever floats your boat

Niña Graye Sean De Leoz Lanante - 9 months ago

Isn't it about time for another round? I see new tats on him, I think that "dreamgirl" and K if I'm not mistaken. Pleaseeee do it ASAP. I'm dying to hear about the new ones. 😍

Alyssa Halsted - 9 months ago

After watching this I honestly have a lot of respect for the guy

Jerry Bean - 9 months ago

I want his chanel necklace 😩

GUMPY - 9 months ago

I like this simple style of getting tats.

I Don't Know Elisa - 9 months ago

he's so chill i wanna be his friend

• MaRiAnNiTa • - 9 months ago

Pls do this with Kian and Jc

Adrian Ivashkov - 9 months ago

He looked better with long dark hair.

HJ L - 9 months ago

Seeking traditional Chinese translation

kevinruizod - 9 months ago

get tyler the creator on here

Maira Anjeanette Nano - 8 months ago

I dont know why Im smiling through out the video. Love ur tats.

jazzblaster - 8 months ago

that flower's big?

GBC - 8 months ago

Tattoos so small, could you even call them tattoos

WatchaGot? - 8 months ago

Hes really trying to be matty healy hahahhaha

Lord Infamous - 8 months ago

He has all the white girl tats

Tim Lemsal - 8 months ago

So handsome.. Ayeeehhhh.

Elena Salvatore. - 8 months ago


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