LANY's Paul Klein Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

LANY’s Paul Klein Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

LANY’s Paul Klein Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

Paul Klein, the leading man of the California trio LANY runs us through his ink, and why his Mom thinks he looks like a sketchbook.

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LANY’s Paul Klein Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

Ozla Tube - last month

I appreciate you for letting me on 👌 thanks GQ

Staci Anne G. - last month

That flower tatt looks like the flowers I use to draw in elementary school. Its kindah cute.

TheOldRaven - last month

Dear Slim I wrote you but you still ain’t calling.

Cathy Vo - last month


Killa Dolla - last month

He looks like fake G eazy!!!

Mr haun - last month

Those an't no tattoos lol

Thrustin Von Helmut - last month

GQ trying to get a younger audience by putting all these children on their channel. Get a grip GQ !!!

Anjanette Bulahan - last month

Paul Jason Klein. Finally! ❤

Yoesel S. Choden - last month


nostalgic eclipse - last month

ppl commenting 'bout not knowing paul klein only heard of new rules then stanned dua lipa

Projector Hit - last month

We want Eminem!

Chrissy Videos - last month

people start getting to know my favs and they deserve it so much 💚

bretman's bitch - last month

I still prefer him in long hair 😩

Richie Cunningham - last month

Ahh suh trendy maan sooper trend dood don't forget u bleach ur hair too cuz everyone else does it cuz they wanna look like a skater but they can't skate broooo SMFHHHHHHHH

Twin-Nick - last month

Literally getting a your loss tattoo.

hawoo - last month

im honestly surprised that he's not yet really well known

ilysbtori - last month

the flower is my favorite

A'lexxis Rosenberg - last month

ily pjk 🖤

erinnc - last month

i love this man with my whole heart

RIP AVICII - last month

Another macklemore lookin FOOL

Ariel Lawrence - last month

he looks like miles teller

Zsuzsanna Szabó - last month

he looks like the combination of G-eazy and Eminem.

JV 12 - last month

He’s like a hipster G Eazy

Isaac Victor Blanco - last month



Consuelo Bustaleño - last month

I legit thought he had a british accent

Ayesha Jones - last month

Get anwar hadid on here please

Ariana Mejia - last month

he is so soft spoken, i love it

гипер пипец - last month

suicideboys break down their tatoos,please do this one

Alex L - last month


Chey Rose Flammer - last month

why are people prefacing on not talking bad about his looks? like who would do that

Mr Squidward - last month

You guys should get $uicideboy$ to break down their tattoos

isabellaedits; - last month

i luv him

isabellaedits; - last month

'i knew that i wanted to have a four letter name for a band name just for aesthetic purposes' me

Aera Victoria - last month

Your Loss Dua Lipa

Daimin Teves - last month


Taylor Howard - last month


MORPHEUS - last month

please get wiz khalifa on here

Paulo Almeida - last month

Tattoo tour with Halsey, please!!!

Ana Hillianna Marabe - last month

PAUL! ❤️

Mats Ueland - last month


Big Mack - last month

Yo he looks like Eminem

alex cobb - last month

They need to do blackbear

Summer Pate - last month


isabellaedits; - last month

pls have blackbear come on here

linn h - last month

Loved it

Giselle Solano - last month

King !!!

XINYI YAN - last month

I miss his long hair😭😭😭

lauren sharp - last month

ahh the most humble, sweet singer I've ever seen, much love

ANDA F - last month


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