Lucy Moncler – Temptation Artist Spotlight Vol. 183 #LucyMoncler #Music

Q: Why did you make this song?

A : There is no direct message in the track to really give me a reason as to why I made it. It was just my way to describe pure pressure, and what better way to that than by relating it to a relationship on a high energy beat.

Q : What do You want to achieve in your music career?

A : I don’t really have a goal I want to achieve in music. It’d be easy to say I’m chasing fame and money but I can’t say it’s my only goal to do so. If anything I would wanna give the people someone to relate to in there worst moments while sharing my own.

Q : When did you start loving music and what are you creating next?

A: I loved music for as long as I remember, growing up listening to a variety of genres really expanding my music palette. As for what’s next in music is to continue creating and expanding my cadence, possibly work towards a future EP or project.

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