Maluma Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

Maluma Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

Maluma Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

Maluma, the world’s hottest Latin artist, takes us on a journey through the tattoos he’s accumulated throughout the years.

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Maluma Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

Dr. Royalty - 10 months ago

He doesn't even have a single bad tattoo.

Itz Yesenia - 10 months ago


Beth Meetei - 10 months ago

I think maluma wants to kill me 😖

Nikki R - 10 months ago

His tats actually have meaning and look so good. Unlike artists who now look like children sticker books

Annur Raushania - 10 months ago

Art piece

Mark Arambula - 10 months ago

Fist me daddy

Julie - 10 months ago

Ooooo myyy lord he can be my daddy

광산광산 TAETAE IS MINE - 10 months ago

Brrruhhrhrh I already frkn luv him but now Ik what his name mean and also that respect to woman means a lot to him like ?!?!? FIND A BETTER MAN. I’ll wait.

Addi Ace - 10 months ago

X and pump make alot of ppl relevant

datkidkev - 10 months ago

The quality of his tattoos 🤯

Drawing makes Easy - 10 months ago

Maluma pls remove that owl tattoo

Robin Robin - 10 months ago


Njomza Malaj - 10 months ago

I love how he talk about his mom.
He is the cutest!

ذكری احمد - 10 months ago


saumya srivastava - 10 months ago

❤❤❤❤😩😩 he is so mesmerizing

Can Gürbüz - 10 months ago

Man he looks like the fuckind end boss of far cry 😂

Michael Trinta - 9 months ago

the world's hottest Latin artist? hmm that's a HUGE stretch

Yazzi Dillard - 9 months ago

The way he says tattoo is cute

Karima Akhmetshina - 9 months ago

All of his tattoos are so pretty,it’s so nice.because a lot of famous people have more tattoos but sometimes tattoos looks so ugly and the meaning so stupid,but Malinda’s tattoos all pretty….I said the word “tattoo”so many times 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

AMV Animefan147 - 9 months ago

Wow..he speaking english so well.

Aden Lee - 9 months ago

Salt Bae got New Tattoos?

Ruby Estrada - 9 months ago

This guy posing like a light skin smh

Thomas EkiA - 9 months ago


Azamat Bakytov - 9 months ago

Real Man

Aaron Diaz - 9 months ago

very clean tattoos

Pedro Aguirre - 9 months ago

Please do a Sergio Ramos one

Navarro '03 - 9 months ago

The father

Sarah Leite - 9 months ago

Maluma you are the best

mari alifragki - 9 months ago

I love you baby!💖😘🔝🔫💪

princess iman - 9 months ago

wow what a man

alonzo1o - 9 months ago

He bullshitted this whole interview

EXOL AF - 9 months ago

I'd marry this man 😍

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