Metro Boomin Takes Us on a Backstage Tour | GQ

Metro Boomin Takes Us on a Backstage Tour | GQ

Metro Boomin Takes Us on a Backstage Tour | GQ

Music’s hottest producer, Metro Boomin, shows us what he needs to have backstage before a big show.

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Metro Boomin Takes Us on a Backstage Tour | GQ

Der Boi - last year

he got his teeth done right?

Romero Lucasz - last year

metro seem fun to hang around with

Aubry - last year


SY808 - last year

Metro the GOAT of Trap. Period.

Malo - last year

nicest teeth in the game

Wave Beatz - last year


Julio Tejada - last year

Shout out to this young man for creating a bright future. this man is the definition of a true Entrepreneur

PlentyGoCrazy - last year

Metro a brand at this point he took it next level

YUBEL Δ - last year

Metro's face when hr realised every parent have favorite child!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

TrapHaus Creo - last year

Check my latest song "For Ya"
Please, tell me what you think and how i can improve

& on SoundCloud:
Or Google
"TrapHaus Creo"

Salief Lewis - last year

this video is trash

Blazey - last year

you know what im sayin

Luis Suarez - last year

I am loveing his collabs with Nav

real deal - last year


SK1ZZL3Z - last year

The goat of the new age

Armand White - last year

Metro look so much like 21 my mind read the title as "21 savage takes us on a backstage tour"

CEO of YouTube - last year

Worst producer of all time.

True Money Label - last year

Can everybody take a few minutes outta there day and listen to my music on my page and give it a chance

amanworthy - last year

GQ like, can we find any interesting white folks? No? Alright guys lets give metro a call.

etti - last year

Sick video, need more of these

Cody Warner - last year

Just open my online store for my clothing brand called Wavvy. Please go check it out and follow the Instagram account @Wavvymovement (link to store) http://www.thewavvymovement.com

Xanny Phantom - last year

metros hair is the same length as mine omg now i can not feel so corny haha

Gudrich Lamar - last year

Whats tha beat at tha end ???

CHI DEZZA - last year

"i'm not a superstitious person"

"i pray before every show"

lmao what?????

Wandile Sokanyile - last year

I saw gunner stahl.

Thobile Mthombeni - last year

my first time seeing metro without a bandana

Z - last year

why you put the U of Us in capital letter

Harmonic - last year

Not superstitious but prays before every show lol tf

WakaFIockaFlame - last year

my boy got them teeth fixed

Ryan Dee - last year

That’s rob stone

Alexander Rowland - last year

Free instrumentals on my page – new upload every day!

CraetonDaDonBeats - last year

This guy the only reason I make beats ✊💯💯🔥🔥🔥 my inspiration 💗

Yahir Arzeta - last year

The goat is here Metro Boomin

Bunbun Beats - last year

he such a nice and humble dude, good to see him living his dream

Kana Beats - last year

He seems super down to earth. Doesn't even really have any rider demands

dj ilu - last year

Metro got new teeth tho!

Armz Jr. - last year

1:55 that beat lit man 🔥

I AM DANNY EL - last year

I pray before every show 🙌 Respek.

Lazar Beatz - 10 months ago

music choice so bad

Aero Cream - 8 months ago

metro reminds me hard of michael b jordan on his killmonger role

Sad Boys - 6 months ago

First time I heard this guys voice you know what I’m sayin

IML WAY - 6 months ago

Metro b boomin

IML WAY - 6 months ago


Ben Wilson - 6 months ago

Micheal b Jordan’s lost brother

Ariya Josheghani - 6 months ago

“My momma don’t have a favourite child” 👌🏽😂

Sam T - 6 months ago

he looks like quavo

Crazy Melody RD - a few months ago

Instrumental Trap Rap
🔥Suscribirse Es Gratis⤵️

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