MORGN. – Drunk on Kisses Artist Spotlight Vol. 169 #Morgn #Music

Rarenorm: “Why did you make this song? What do you want to achieve in your music career? When did you start loving music and what are you creating next?”

I made this song based on a conversation I had with my best friend, he was telling me about the freaky relationship he has with his girlfriend and he mentioned that “they made out ’till they felt drunk on kisses”. I loved the expression so I made a song around it.

I want to achieve everything I can in my music career, I’m coming for everything! Right now, I’m taking it step by step but I plan to take over the US.

I started loving music since I was about 7 years old. I used to watch rap videos on MTV and I fell in love with 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. Next, I’m creating another record that I really believe in called “Hotel Tangier”. It has the same vibe as “Drunk on Kisses”.

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