Ben Affleck Batman Shares Spoilers for Upcoming Justice League Film

Ben Affleck releases a big spoiler via Twitter. Now you Maybe saying that DC Comics’ Batman Superman: Beginning of Justice and Suicide Group, are considered greatest major flops of the season, But that does not slow up the hype of next year’s Justice League.

In fact, the net is currently ablaze from the 30-second bit of footage that Ben Affleck (Batman) tweeted. This footage considers that there is going to be way more villains in this next one. Especially Deathstroke also known as Slade.

Deathstroke is well known to comic-almonds together of the Caped powerful antagonists. You can also remember him as the enemy of Teen Titans. In both World Deathstroke aka Slade, is one of the best Villans in the DC universe, he is not recognized as quickly as others like Joker.Batman and Deathstroke will be an excellent match because they both take hand-to-hand combat to a whole new level. We can not wait to see Ben Affleck “Batman” come back to the big screens in this motion picture.

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