Cast A Famous Animal As James Bond! MOVIE FIGHTS w/ NICK MUNDY

Cast A Famous Animal As James Bond! MOVIE FIGHTS w/ NICK MUNDY

Nick Mundy, Emma Fyffe, and Mike Carlson RETURN and they brought furry friends to play with us while we decide the definitive next James Bond in MOVIE FIGHTS

Thanks to CARE Rescue LA for bring the fantastic puppies and kitties for us to hang with today! Please check out their Patreon below!



1. Pitch a new entry in the Air Bud franchise
2. If you were going to cast an already famous animal as James Bond, who would it be and why?
3. Blind Fight! What cast should be replaced with puppets?

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db32 - last year

If you want to watch a movie that is pretty much Rise of the Planet of the Apes but with dogs, check out White God.

Eduardo Galicia - last year

i'm going to have a binge watch of movie fights because i haven't seen them in a while and this was gold

Person Guy - last year


Jesse Wan - last year

Animal James Bond: Po from Kungfu Panda. He's cute, funny, Snakes dig him, and he's killed every Final Villain he's come across.

Tizzo 82 - last year

Am I the only.one that wanted to see UFC: Ultimate Fighting Canine or jump on the Versus band wagon with Creed V Air Bud?

Warehouse Worker69 - last year

Return of the Killer tomatoes

AFMountaineer2000 - last year

Hopefully Nick continues to come back

MrBerns42 - last year

The name's Luther. Just Luther.

Russell McCord - last year

Okay the I'm good with the Animal Shelter plug. but this is the worse Movie Fights ever……Nothing mentioned would be info/movies I want to see.

Roei Potash AKA Poihpio - last year

NICK MUNDY IS BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roei Potash AKA Poihpio - last year

you guys need to make a "Nick Mundy Watches mother! for the First Time" video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

klownstarz - last year

The peoples champ !

Exogenesys - last year

Mike Carlson is so much fun. I enjoy movie fights all the more when he's playing

Zach Mohl - last year

Smh. How are you not going to bring back Rob Fee for the air-bud question?

Camilo Ramos Paiva - last year

I´m watching this episode late, but the obvious answer for the first question is AirBud One, AirBud´s talent for various sports has given the Dog´s right movent enough moment to be a reality. In the future, a goup of dog hating, human radicals attack the plane that carries the first dog president in an attempt of killing him, and now he has to fight for his life.

Solo Lay - last year

How come no one pick Raccoon or sweet Rabbit for James Bond and hire James Gunn for director.

Marcus Moore - last year

What happened to Alicia Malone???!!!

ChristieeMcgee - last year

This is so fucking amazing

Joe O'Keeffe - last year

I know I'm very late to the party but… 'Hoot Hoot' 🙂

ZakAshChan - last year

Jenn Sturger. … Wow. Charities should have more spokespersons like her!

Michele Wroblewski - last year

Great video and a great cause. The dogs and cats were so adorable. FYI, though, dogs and cats are carnivores. Their treats and food need to have meat in them. Other than that, this episode was amazing.

Postmodern Avare - last year

Nick Cage is better than a puppet

mastershake0505 off - last year

Is this even a debate clearly it should be AIR BUD

Martyn Morales - last year

Man I miss nick mundy

Michael Lair - last year

WOODY Harrelson for the pet

Miso Djurisic - last year


Cyndi Both - last year

Do Napoleon Dynamite

SCORPIO06061988 - last year

I'd love to see Chunk (felted friend from the Movie Fights Extravaganza) get another chance to fight on Movie Fights! 🙂

Lauren Anderson - last year

I have really missed Nick Mundy! And seeing these three again is…wow. PLUS CUTE ANIMALS!? What more could I want?

Progress Pictures - last year

Here's my pitch: What happens when a down-on-his-luck golden retriever with dreams of competing in human-sports discovers the miracle of cannabis? He becomes… AIR BUD!

Kyle Hikes - last year

Who does the voice of screen rants honest trailers

pennavedc - last year


smeechdog - last year

Their happiness at filling the studio with animals is equally opposed by the sadness of the cleaners once the show is over – thus the balance of the universe is maintained.

Joseph Gavrilides - last year

So much love for Carlson!

OogieBoogieMain - last year

Nick Effing Mundy

J Plum - last year

I really missed Mundy.

Andrew Mav - last year

I love nick. i want him on every movie fight.

Michael Layco - last year

When Hal said Furry episode I was expecting to see Adam from YMS

h kemtar - last year

3:19 underrated joke

2G - last year


Bob Smith - last year

Dear Lord, Nick Mundy is STILL ALIVE?!?!!! Dead man waddling!!

James Boyle - last year

Oh my god I've been missing nick so bad

Ai Chan Bot - last year


Pup314 - last year

Flipper as James Bond.

Leviathan's Iris - last year

Guys come on! ZABOOMBAFOO!

Just Your Average Joe - last year

That puppet Sandra is super hot

Brulian4ever - last year

Dan with that puppy is killing me! ❤️

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