Every Michael Myers Halloween Movie CRAM IT

Every Michael Myers Halloween Movie CRAM IT

Before Jaime Lee Curtis returns to face off against Michael Myers we here at Screen Junkies take you through every Halloween movie in CRAM IT!

Narrated by Dan Murrell
Produced by Max Dionne
Written by Lon Harris
Edited by Randy Whitlock
Assistant Editor Emin Bassavand

Every Michael Myers Halloween Movie CRAM IT

the123pirate Marcus - last month

You did honest trailers flash 1&2 now can you do 3&4 or other shows froth the arrow-verse

TrekBeatTK - last month

Horror franchises are great for these. A Child's Play one would be good too. Aren't they remaking that?

Yourna Mehere - last month

Pumaman. That is all.

mikes5637 - last month

As a middle-aged horror film fan I'm both proud and embarrassed that I've watched all of these.

Doreen Green - last month

Halloween 3 with the masks and stuff was the first of the films i ever saw. It's super disgusting

Geeks With Shields Podcast - last month

I always forget how many of these there are.

baronvg - last month

Man, I’ve gotten more entertainment from all these Halloween retrospectives coming out than the actual sequels.

Big_B - last month

I really like the fact knowing that Laurie Strode is Michael's sister, i know, who would ever wanna see a brother killing his little sister wtf? But still, it makes for a good story, i hope in the new movie, they just say Michael isnt Lauries brother, just they can live normal lives, even tho she knows its true

Jessica Garcia - last month

I love this series

Paicus - last month

And does her very best Christian Bale impression


Dolan Trimp - last month

"Michael Myers is a killer shark", who would return to kill LL Cool J in Deep Blue Sea.

Abdullah Sobh - last month

The Rob Zombie version was one of the worst movies in the franchise

Kiley - last month

Dang I wish I was in the Halloween universe. Someone could kill me and I would probably still live.

Carson's Collectibles - last month

Samhain is not pronounced the way it’s spelled, its pronounced Sah-win

Kyle Brackman - last month

Halloween 3 is the best of the series. Also, this new Halloween sequel is just like all the other ones.

Eduardo Huang - last month

Actually, besides Halloween 1, 2 , and H20; Halloween 3 is my favorite and most rewatchable halloween film ever!

Hey! Let's Do A Thing! - last month

I spent the whole episode waiting for you to get to the Rob Zombie movies and was thoroughly let down.

margareth michelina - last month

So, Honest Trailer for Halloween (1978) on this Tuesday?

jmar kedron - last month

I swear Michael Myers franchise would have been like saw or Final Destination franchise if it was released and now in days

Anna Hasan - last month

Can you do a honest trailer for Mulan?????

Jon Querequincia - last month

Yes I needed this

vlogerhood - last month

Wait. I thought the excitement over this new movie was that it was the first time JLC was back after like the first two or whatever. I had entirely blocked H20 from my brain. But since it exists, isn't this new version just another like that? Why does everybody care so much?

Raeanne Bedard - last month

This series proved one thing….Loomis is a terrible doctor

Dylon Allen - last month

They are probably doing the 2 Rob Zombie movies as an Honest Trailer and to cover them in 2 videos so close to each other would be putting a hat on a hat.

Or they just didn't do them and I'm wrong and will get told I'm an idiot here in a week or two by strangers.

Yay YouTube comment threads!

Jeremiah Lynds - last month

Deepest, blue-est, my hat is like a shark's fin

Dale Tindle - last month

Loved it man!

Eat Shit - last month

H2 and H20 are the only good Sequels

47D - last month

Halloween 3 is only good Halloween sequel. Fight me!

Clay Ammentorp - last month

Really should have covered the Producer's Cut of 6, if only to show how Paul Rudd defeats Michael with magic Scrabble tiles

Cody Paul - last month

I want a cram if For Friday the 13th, and Godzilla

Kitsune -kun - last month

Loved this! I've seen all these movies several times. Haha, thanks guys.

nooctip - last month

So that's a minor fender bender…whats your idea of a moderate fender bender? Don't touch the supernatural evil killing machine. Words to live by.

Brent Dreher - last month

I loved the Zombie Halloween movies so much more than the original series and while I know it was supposed to be a trilogy, I love it just as the duology it ended up being. Four skulls – I mean, stars — for Senor Zombie.

Boogeypop80 - last month

I might be wrong but Samhain is pronounced "Sow-win". Like Cow-win.

Ian J - last month

I loved the Rob Zombie version

JOSEJOSESITO - last month

Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees ARE JUST THOT SLAYERS

Dave Teves - last month

If Screen Junkies doesnt makr a Cram It ep for Game of Thrones, Im gonna lose it.

natalie banks - last month

hahahaha oh my gosh i love this video soooo much! you made this overview of the halloween franchise soooo fun!
"just out of curiosity how many underage killers do you have to fail to rehabilitate before they take away your medical license?" hahaha

ANDREW KNIGHT - last month




Trash Bucks - last month

Jamie is just like her uncle! I love it

bendingsands87 - last month

Glad this came up and I didn't attempt to watch the previous movies to see what the new one is about. Attempt being the key word because by the looks of it I would have walked away at 5 minutes into Halloween 1

Major Dick - last month

Um, actually.. it's called the Gorilla Suit maneuver.

From that movie where Dan Aykroyd does black-face.

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